Everyone has all their Halloween costumes ready. New York City is already a freak show. Halloween just gives the city one night to really let it all hang out. Fake blood, masks, and the like may be the scariest part of the year for many.

For me, the picture above ignites terror. I went to sleep to find that my computer wouldn't turn on, with or without my (admittingly) makeshift power adapter that is (embarrassingly) half Japanese and half American. Don't ask. According to the photo, it's also bi-racial. 

It's realizing that so much, if not all, of what you do, is done on this machine. Backing up is a must, but still, the thought. All your work, possibly unattainable? I don't know about you but that scares the shit out of me.

Regardless, a trip to the Genius Bar and Tekserve and we are now back in business. Again, my cat and my technologies are my children right now. Have to make sure they are well.