Tonight 1 York Street in NYC entertained a great event. The Maserati dealership was the home of LA Laker, Matt Barnes' non-profit Athletes vs. Cancer Silent Auction. Tyson Beckford, Melyssa Ford, and a number of who's who was in the house, but the cause itself is what hit hardest.

Unbeknownst to me, Barnes lost his mother to cancer. He spoke briefly, over the drunken murmurs of the disrespectful guests taking full advantage of the open bar, and opened up about the personal reasons why he started Athletes vs Cancer. It was definitely a moment. I have a lot more respect and insight for Matt and his fiance than I ever had prior, Basketball Wives included.

Earlier this year, my boyfriend lost his uncle to a bout with cancer. For years my best friend, Bethany, has been a cancer survivor. Just recently it was brought to my attention that her remission has subsided, and she's back on the fight once again. I went to this event looking for network opportunities, and I left with nothing/no one on my mind but her.

To my friend, my hero, my love...LA Laker, Matt Barnes has a message for you baby girl...