Tonight was really the first night where the weather was actually comfy enugh to rummage around the streets of New York City.

After busting down a spoken word piece, my first performance in over five years, I wasn't ready to go from the gig straight back home.

Getting acclimated to the shift in weather, as much as I am the shift in my relationship status, my brain needed to clear itself and all I wanted to do was walk. Walking in NYC, especially at night, is like my favorite past time. From 29th and 3rd Ave I started heading toward Grand Central, when something told me to reroute and head back to my favorite part of Manhattan, the Village. Union Square is the spot and I trudged there in my own zone.

Upon reaching the park, there were a huge circle of people and what looked like a laser show going on. They were filming a movie, and apparently the actors were jumping rope with light sabers????

I don't know...what do you think? Pretty cool. I love NYC when it's warm. you never know what you will stumble on. Even at midnight.