In the height of all the fundraising hysteria, I was checking my website traffic one night, and found a 500% increase in numbers. As anyone else would say, "Damn!" uttered from my lips and I was wondering exactly what was going on. Doing some detective work on the backend, I found an amazing article written on Nomad•ness and everything that I'm building behind it. A complete, total and utter shock, I saw dozens of comments, and made it a point to get back to them all.

Fast forward to this afternoon...a number of people and other publications have come out the woodworks recently, and I'm always interested in finding out how they heard about the site. Two days, consecutively, the answer has been: "That Clutch article..."

Today, I got a stellar interview opportunity with behind that Clutch article.

And I even hired a graphic designer for work on Nomad•ness through that Cluth article.

I'd like to present it to you all. More importantly, this is a heartfelt THANK YOU to the Clutch family, to Lanae for the recommendation, and to Leslie Pitterson for writing the article. You all rock!

Check the article out HERE or CLICK THE PHOTO BELOW!