"What are your vices?"

That's what the IM read. Curious, yet innocent enough, I felt he was oblivious to the key that that inquiry held to a personal Pandora's box. Or maybe he did know.

"Candy," my fingers typed, knowing that was no less valid, as it was the safe answer.
I didn't want to be safe though.

"And love. Giving love too fast to those undeserving of it."

His response, "So sex and candy."

"I guess so."

I'm turned on by many vices, possibly because I feel that's when people give into whatever urges that remind them that, they too, are animals. Everything becomes raw, innate, and under-calculated.

Truth be told, I was turned on by his merely asking. No one has ever asked me that before, and it struck a chord just as much as it lit a match. Proceed with caution.