Queensbridge ran through Ferropolis, Germany last night and destroyed a stage in the aftermath...destroyed in the best sense of the world. Like that sedonistic, '50 Shades of Grey' type of destroyed. There are millions of you out there that actually get the correlation.

Moment upon moment, documented within the files of this Canon, and seeping outside of the SD card onto my traveling laptop today. First and foremost, Nas' band members are rock stars in and of themselves. His guitar player is a beast. They owned that stage, and for over an hour, it was clear that the owned me. it was a first time for me to see Nas live, and his show blew my mind...open. Just the right songs, just the right amount of each, to leave a grow woman panting, sweating, and in need of just a little bit more.


Smothered in the front middle section, I stayed focus on making sure my camera could capture everything possible and noteworthy. Which in Nas' case could have been the entire show from beginning to end. Once finished, it felt as if I had had sex. I was exhausted and smiling. Looking to my left, I spotted members of the Tribe and secretly, I had a moment in which I teared up. This NomadnessX trip has been interesting for me. Frankly, it rubbed some people right, and others wrong. Fair enough. But in it all, moreso than any other time on trips and meet ups prior, I was reminded as to what motivated me to start Nomad.ness in the first place. Urban culture. Contrary to popular belief, the Tribe was not started with the intention of being the 'Black' travel group. I'd never pigeonhole myself like that, nor my business. My intention was to give a voice to the urban stylized traveler who could book a million tour companies to show them landmarks, but they'd rather try their hand on getting free press passes, and camp out for 3 days at splash! hip hop festival. This is where the inital intention bred, and has grown from. So seeing Nas, being at splash! one year later, I was silenced by the evolution right before my eyes of a dream manifested when I looked to my right and Tribe was there.....confirmation.

Shortly after...we got naked with Major Lazors.

Ok maybe not fully, but the crowd was on their way. I love my boyfriend and have the upmost respect for our relationship, therefore I will leave it at...I am a newly acquired Diplo fan. Now that that's settled, this set took me (and my body) by surprise. Major Lazors is the sh!t!! Period. End of story. The beats had everyone jumping, gyrating, and soaking through their clothes. It was then Diplo yells out,

"Everyone take your shirts off. I mean it, everyone take your shirts off and and spin them in the air like this. (gesturing a helicopter). Tribe started looking at me. I'm looking at them. I hand my camera to Kelly.

"Kelly hold this," I yell. Exit shirt.

I didn't feel any way about this considering I had been walking around in this same bathing suit top all day. it is what it is. one by one, everyone around me was becoming shirtless, and the security got very excited. Diplo is like an intoxicant. He makes people do things, and that is the way one controls a crowd. The irony did not leave me how after everyone was half naked, the reggae portion started. You ain't slick Diplo...you ain't slick.