Jason Francis
Jason Francis


Jason is a New York based social media manager with a passion for the ever evolving digital space of social media, blogging and marketing. He has operated online in various capacities for over 10 years. From personal content creation to professional consultation and public speaking he has the ability to cover a wide range of subjects and business types with equal efficiency from both a creative standpoint or a managerial perspective. As our Head of Social Media he has overseen the continuing growth of Nomadness from it's launch and continues to push the brand forward into new digital spaces. 

International Watchman/Social Media Samurai

Countries I've been to: St Johns, Antigua, St Croix, Canada, Mexico, Dominican Republic, UAE

Favorite Quote: “Pray that your loneliness may spur you into finding something to live for, great enough to die for.” - Dag Hammarskjold

Brittney Greene

Brittney Greene

Brittney Greene

Brittney Greene is brazen and social influencer who loves to strike up interesting and intriguing conversations. A lover of life, love and travel, she loves to dream crazy and think big. Three things she couldn't live without: music, her book collection and the Golden Girls DVD series. Her life mission: To have a sold out funeral. 

Countries I've Been To: Canada, Ghana, United Arab Emirates, The Netherlands, Mexico, South Africa, Puerto Rico (US Commonwealth). 


Macario James

macario.james is in love with technology: former career printer & computer technician; now a front-web developer. A fan of torment and freethinking, he's embraced a life-long quest for knowledge, jotting down notes on several blogs along the way. Dictionaries are his harems. Oh, and he likes penguins—especially Tux. He can be found posting selfies on IG @macariojames and writing via his website,

Lord Pirate of Technology

Countries I've been to: The United States, Canada, The Dominican Republic, France, Jamaica, Mexico, The Netherlands, and Panama.

Favorite Quote: "Everything is relative." -Me


Keith Swingle
Keith Swingle

Keith Swingle

Keith Swingle is a 27 year-old teacher in upstate New York. While New York is base camp, Keith has been all over the world, exploring four continents at press time. After completing his Masters in December, 2008 in education, he taught abroad in Antofagasta, Chile. This decision is the best he's ever made. When not teaching, Keith is actively involved in local youth arts programs, and of course is frequently staring at his suitcase, which is daring him to make the next move.

Global Teacher & Learner

Countries I've been to: Italy, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Wales, Germany, Chile, Bermuda, Canada, Hong Kong, Thailand, Cambodia.

Favorite Quote: "The world's as wide as your life is thin, so entertain your goals" - Oasis




Bio: Abyssinia X is an artist with a special love for graphic design. She often daydreams about all the places she hasn't seen yet.

Title: Maker of Things, Eater of Foods

Countries I've been to: Ethiopia, Canada, USA, Mexico, France, Spain, UK, Italy, Germany, Czech Republic, Kenya, Turkey, Qatar.

Favorite Quote: "Be Like Water."