At the top of 2012 Evita wanted to bring her personal and professional travel prowess to college and university campuses across the country. Eagerly, she developed a diversity and traveling workshop that targets the student population, planting the seeds for travel and tolerance.

The Nomad·ness Diversity Workshop fulfills these major objectives:

  • Explore the necessary conversation of stereotypes in America
  • Establish a correlation between world exposure and world tolerance
  • Give students a look into international cultures that appeal to their lifestyle


  • View Nomadness Episode, woven into host’s own anecdotes of prejudices abroad
  • ‘Identify Your Identity’ Workshop with students
  • Anonymous Fish Bowl conversation w/host as moderator
  • Intro/Explanation Nomad·ness Travel Tribe
  • Q&A

In conjunction with the Diversity Workshop, Evita works as a host and panelist for various events. Contact our team through this website for more information on availability. Get Evie to your school today!

Photos: Sergio Fermin


Passport To The City Project

In conjunction with Planet Blaster, Inc. Nomad·ness Travel Tribe linked with Mott Hall Bridges Academy out of Brownsville, Brooklyn for the 'Passport To The City' Day. On this day, High Council members facilitated a 'travel' day around New York City with selected 6th and 7th grade scholars from the Brooklyn School.

Passport To The City's mission is to get youth, from all around the world, open to the idea of traveling, by bringing it to them in their own backyards. Students are given Nomad·ness 'Passports', that they carry throughout the day, to acquire stamps at every destination. Destinations have included the Schomberg Center for Black Studies, the Museum of Chinese Americans, Little Italy restaurants, as well as the international graffiti landmark in Queens, New York, 5 Pointz. The vision is to be able to augment this project into communities around the world.

Photos: Bayyina Black