Beginning in 2017, NOMADNESS TRAVEL TRIBE has pivoted from international group trips, to international events. With this change, we have created a space for more travelers, as well as locals in these international communities to be able to learn from and celebrate with one another. Instead of fifteen to thirty members on a trip, we have now created international spaces where hundreds of nomads from around the world, can come together. This is our Tribe olive branch, an extension of NOMADNESS that is opening the reach to the broader communities we have around the world. You do not need to be a NOMADNESS member to join us at an international event. You simply need to be where we are, and have one passport stamp. Come be a part of #whatsnext in urban travel!


Starting in January 2012, NOMADNESS TRAVEL TRIBE has taken its members on approaching thirty group trips all around the world. From running with the bulls in Pamplona, to the Holi Festival in India, and a masquerade dinner while staying in Augill Castle, Tribe is putting its stamp on the world, one country at a time. In May 2015, Nomadness partnered with Issa Rae to co-Executive Produce their new travel web series 'The NOMADNESS Project'. In conjunction with authentic travel experiences showcased through our photos, our members have a unique time capsule in the form of our experiences being shot, produced, and aired months after the trip has ended. You can watch previous seasons of 'The NOMADNESS Project' at