Road Warrior - Pros and cons of renting an RV


Road Warrior - Pros and cons of renting an RV


Everyone knows how big Nomadness is on international travel but we also make it a point to stress how important it is to travel your own respective country. There are a lot of great sights just in your own backyard that you may not know of or overlooked. One of the early signature campaigns of Nomadness was the cross country 2013 RV tour. From East coast to West cost we discovered so much of the U.S in our special RV. With that said take a moment to get an idea of what goes into RV travel. Weigh the pros and cons and hopefully, you'll consider some RV travel in the near future.


When traveling, people try and make the most out of the space they have available. If you’re traveling on foot or by public transportation, you need to fit all your stuff into a backpack or suitcase. If you are traveling by car, you have an entire trunk worth of space, not to mention the room on the back seat depending on the size of your group. However, what if you would have even more space at your disposal? For instance, how great would it be if you could rent out an RV? Many travelers arrive at this conclusion but are uncertain whether or not it’s the right decision for them. In order to help make sure that this decision is in your best interest, we have prepared some pros and cons for renting an RV.

The pros of renting an RV

With an RV Rental, you can take more things with you and don’t have to worry about sticking to the essentials. You have as much space as you need, up to a point, and the things you do bring with you don’t have to be crammed into each other due to lack of space.

Renting an RV also lets you enjoy the trip more because you are not constricted to a really small space. You have the liberty of getting up and stretching at any given moment, and you can even walk around or partake in certain activities like watching TV.  Based on the kind of RV you rent, there are plenty of things that you could do to pass time.  It also makes it a lot easier for drivers to take shifts in case of long rides because they don’t need to exit the vehicle and enter from the other side.

Additionally, an RV will let you take your mobile hotel room and put it wherever you are traveling. For example, if you’re going to the beach, you can park your RV relatively close by so that you don’t have to walk from an actual hotel room every single day. In some cases, you could “anchor” right on the beach itself so that you can enjoy the sunshine and sand under your feet as soon as you get up.

The cons of renting an RV

When you rent an RV, you are going to incur some pretty significant expenses, especially in terms of gas and the rental service itself. That being said, it will be cheaper than renting hotel rooms every night, with the class of RV that you rent ultimately depending on what budget you have available. When choosing an RV over a hotel room, you will also likely lose some of the sense of privacy that a hotel can provide can provide. Once again, this can be a very specific situation depending on your route.

What is also challenging about renting an RV is finding places to park. Fortunately, there are many campgrounds and parking lots that you can park your RV for cheap or for free. You absolutely need to do your research to see where the good parking spots for RVs are before you leave on your road trip.

There are both pros and cons to renting an RV, but most of the cons are situational and depend on a great number of factors. The pros of renting an RV are much more upfront and definitive, meaning that in most cases you will be able to enjoy these perks of traveling in a hotel room on wheels.

*Guest Writer Martin WIlliam*


If You Lose Your Phone Traveling, Don't Lose Your Identity with It


If You Lose Your Phone Traveling, Don't Lose Your Identity with It

Consider this is major reminder for travelers of all experience levels, especially as the travel-heavy holiday season is here.  The amount of lost and stolen smartphones in the world has skyrocketed to nearly 70 million lost each year, according to a survey by Kensington. Unfortunately, only 7 percent of those lost devices are ever recovered. But there’s more at stake than just losing an expensive smartphone. When you lose your phone, your personal identity and data is likely to go with it.

You may not be able to prevent losing your smartphone, but you can do more to protect yourself and your personal information before it falls into the wrong hands. Here’s how to protect your devices and keep your personal data safe on your next trip.

Set-up Biometric Security Features

When smartphones first started using passcodes to keep intruders at bay, it didn’t take long for hackers to figure out how to break in without much difficulty. In 2015, news outlets started reporting that to hack an Android phone, you just need to type in a really long password to crack it. And even when passwords are harder to crack, hackers can just use software to automatically guess complicated passwords and gain access to your smartphone and all of its contents.

That’s why biometric security features can help protect your smartphone and identity by making it difficult for hackers to break into your phone and access your information. Several smartphones now use a fingerprint sensor to unlock itself, however, the new iPhone X uses facial recognition. But there's even more on the horizon than unlocking our phones with our faces. Wired reported that the future of biometric security is the unique rhythm of our own heartbeats.

Erase it Remotely

Biometric security features should offer some peace of mind if your smartphone ever gets stolen. But to ensure your digital safety and online identity, you should also take steps to erase your phone remotely if it's ever stolen. The Samsung Galaxy S7 features a fingerprint scan security passcode, and allows users to both lock and erase their phone when they lose it.

However, if you think your phone may have been misplaced and could actually be recovered, you can simply leave a message on your lock screen for the finder. For example, the Galaxy S7 can display a message like, "This phone is lost, please contact John at 555-555-5555 to return it".

Keep Emergency Info Front and Center

Travelers who suffer from medical conditions can get the help they need without compromising their identity. For example, the iOS health app can help you create a medical ID and specify someone specific as your emergency contact. When someone finds your phone, they can access your emergency contact fright from the lock screen and track you down.

Although this handy Health app security feature is really to get you the help you need in case of a medical emergency, it can also serve as a way for someone to access a contact to return your smartphone.

Essentially, the smartphone as important and full of private info as our wallats. Make it a point as you prepare for your travels to have safe guards and plans in place in the event you unfortunately do lose your phone. 

*Guest writer Costea Lestoc*


Domestic Tools - How To Travel Solo and Take a Bite out of the Big Apple


Domestic Tools - How To Travel Solo and Take a Bite out of the Big Apple

Everyone has to go to New York City at one point in their journey across planet. It is essential to have some Big Apple stories in your conversational toolbox. If your budget allows it, there is no other excuse not to go at least once, or twice, to see one of the most creative places and get an experience of a lifetime.


Meeting People in New York

According to a Psychological study about meeting people, research has found that when you are able to make a new social connection it makes you more happy.

The study divided tourists into 3 groups on both trains and buses. One group was made up of strangers, the second group stayed disconnected, and the last group remained in solitude. The ones who were able to connect with strangers reported more positive experiences.

The interesting part is, that it was thought or predicted that the solitude group would be the one to have a better experience, but it was not the case. This result showed that we, as humans, tend to underestimate how crucial meeting new people is or also helped us understand that “new connections can make one’s day better. 

So, why not ask that man on the bus you’ve set your eyes on if she wants to get a drink?

With all that said, New York City is the best place to put this theory to the test. With numerous clubs, bars, and a one of a kind LGBT scene, it is one of the best places to meet people.

It is time to gain the confidence and walk into that bar like you own the place since everyone knows it can be quite intimidating to open the door to the bar while flying solo.


Maybe you are not addicted to coffee like most travelers, but you cannot start your day without finding the best coffee shop on your temporary New York city block and get a great start on the day.

Who knows, maybe you’ll get a seat across from someone making a travel map wanting to see the same sights you’re interested in. Why not strike up a conversation about New York landmarks and who knows, maybe you’ll end up seeing them all together.

Coffee shops are one of the best places to strike up a conversation and they are not as intimidating as a bar is.

Walking or Running down the New York Streets

Taking in the excitement of the New York streets is a super event in itself. Also, any type of exercise always gives us the energy and happiness to conquer the day. Whether it is the Lower West side of Manhattan or the streets of Brooklyn, there is an array of amazing “people watching”  that can be done in the Big Apple.



Walking, running, or even simply taking in the sights while sitting on a park bench in Central Park is a great mood booster and a chance to know yourself better as a solo traveler. Also, if you want to meet other people, there are running groups you can join or many other free activities always happening on the streets of New York.

Alternatively, you can find an NYC sightseeing company to get you to your ‘must see’ locations and you just might make a new social connection proving once again the findings of the research mentioned above.

*Guest writer Costea Lestoc*


Domestic Tools - 5 Helpful Tips for Successful Bus Travel


Domestic Tools - 5 Helpful Tips for Successful Bus Travel

*Guest writer Costea Lestoc*

While the most common mode of transportation is a personal vehicle, there are many reasons you may opt to use the MTA instead. Many travels don't have their own cars for a variety of reasons be they personal choice or circumstance. Regardless of the situation, the bus can be an incredibly effective means of getting around, Especially when you are visiting places for the first time. If you are planning on taking the bus – even for a short distance – there are a few tips that can help you make the most out of the trip.

Preparation is key so before you even get started, you should use the mta trip planner tool to know what bus you need to take if you have to make any transfers and more. This tool is easy to use and allows you to plan out the course of your trip based on your needs and requirements.

Once your overall plan is set, take a look at a few of these additional tips that will make your experience on the bus a much better one all around.

1. Plan Your Route Ahead of Time

As mentioned above, you really need to plan your bus route ahead of time. Use the tool mentioned above to know the route number you need, and make sure you know when and where you need to get off of the bus. It is a good idea to get to know what is nearby your destination, so you will be able to tell when your stop is getting close, especially if you are traveling to an area that you aren’t completely familiar with. Most bus service providers will offer a schedule and other vital information online, so be sure to use this when planning any type of bus trip.

2. Make Sure Your Payment is Ready

When it comes to public transportation, you have to pay to ride. Since buses are typically on a tight schedule and have to adhere to it to make sure people get where they are going on time, it is a good idea to make sure your payment is ready when you climb onto the bus. There are also some metro cards you can get in some areas where you can preload your money and then just swipe the card as you get on the bus. However, this is usually only recommended to those who use the bus daily or extremely frequently.

3. Use the Accessibility Features Available

Today’s busses are designed to transport everyone – regardless of disability or mobility issues – safely and comfortably from one place to another. As a result, if you need access to a certain accessibility feature, make sure to let the driver know. You can use the disability seating, safety belts, ramps and more to ensure that your bus ride is both safe and comfortable.

4. Communicate with the Driver

The driver is there to make your ride a success. They are there to help you get to your destination and accommodate any needs you may have along the way. As a result, you may want to speak to the driver of the bus if you need special help, or if you are unsure of where to get off.  

5. Remain Safe

While busses are a great way to travel and much safer than the majority of cars, it is still possible to suffer an injury or have an unfortunate mishap. Make sure that when ride you remain aware of your surroundings. Take note to all exits and the posted protocol for emergencies.                                                                                                                                                            

Taking the bus is a great way to get where you need to go for an affordable price. Make sure to keep the information here in mind to make the most of your bus ride. When you do, you will be able to enjoy all the features and amenities that this form of transportation has to offer.



3 Innovations That Revolutionized Modern Tourism


3 Innovations That Revolutionized Modern Tourism


For most of its existence, the tourism industry experienced very few meaningful changes or innovations. It was a relatively simple concept that did not and would not change: People like to visit other places. Hotels, local governments, restaurants, and other organizations found ways to profit from this simple concept while providing travelers a more enjoyable experience.

Up until recently, New York City tourism was not unlike Nashville tourism or London tourism, because the industry relied on the simplicity of this concept. However, that all changed shortly after the turn of the century, as innovations and advances from outside of the tourism industry began to infiltrate it-- and every aspect of human existence.



Developments like wireless internet, smartphones, GPS and other technological innovations completely changed the way humans communicate, do business and travel. Over the last decade, the industry has begun to adapt to the new digital world, although there have been a few growing pains along the way. Whether it was for better or worse, the following innovations, developments, and changes have completely revolutionized travel and tourism in every corner of the world.

1.  Smartphones

To start with the most meaningful advancement, smartphones not only changed the way we travel, they have completely revolutionized every aspect of human life. We depend on these devices as much as any other material possession, and they have essentially become an extension of the human body for many modern people.

In terms of tourism, smartphones provide a number of services and devices that help us travel and connect to the world. A telephone, camera, map, newspaper, travel guide and countless other helpful elements rolled into one, people can now utilize a smartphone for nearly every meaningful aspect of travel planning and recording. While this may have been a bad thing for some areas of the tourism industry, it has been an immensely meaningful and beneficial breakthrough for travelers.

2. The Sharing Economy

Aside from the proliferation of smartphones, the most disruptive and revolutionary change for the tourism industry developed from the interconnectivity of the modern global community. Services like Uber have effectively put many taxi and travel services out of business, as people can request and quickly receive a personalized ride to anywhere they need to go.

Similarly, AirBnB, Couchsurfer and other travel apps have had a major impact on the hospitality industry, and traditional hotels have been forced to adapt. Concierge services like Guesty and Beyond Stays have helped these businesses adapt to the digital world by helping guests and hosts manage bookings, cleaning, travel requests and other services.



3. Enhanced Security

While many modern innovations have had some negative impact on traditional tourism, the enhanced security measures that have come from modern technology have been a good thing for everyone. Airlines, governments, and other organizations now have advanced networks that allow them to identify, keep track of and help manage countless travelers unlike ever before.

Biometric advances have provided many of the more meaningful and effective security techniques that are crucial to the safety of travelers and non-travelers alike. Facial recognition, fingerprint identification, automatic passenger control (APC), retinal scanners and other technological advancements have helped to keep us safer in a world that seems to grow more dangerous all the time.

Modern Tourism

Although the world and the way we tour it have been changed by these developments, the basic concept behind the tourism industry remains the same. People will always want to visit new places, experience new things and travel to new locations, and there will always be those in tourism to help guide and accommodate these experiences.

*Guest writer Costea Lestoc*


Domestic Jewels -Pinball Arcades in Charlotte, North Carolina


Domestic Jewels -Pinball Arcades in Charlotte, North Carolina

*Guest writer Jessica Kane*

One of my favorite pastimes is traveling around the country, looking for new and exciting places where I can play pinball during my travels. Within the gaming world there is a new appreciation and resurgence of classic gaming. Throwback consoles from Sega, Atari and Nintendo are hitting the scene.  Recently, I found myself in Charlotte, North Carolina, and I noticed that the arcade/pinball scene is not as plentiful as it is in some areas of the country. That being said, I made sure to find some places that are definitely worth checking out if you are a classic pinball enthusiast. Let’s take a look.

1. Abari Game Bar


This is actually the first barcade in the city of Charlotte. It is an arcade that serves adult beverages such as craft beers, cocktails, and specialty sodas. When you enter the door, you will see more than 20 classic arcade games that include favorites like Ms. Pac Man, Donkey Kong, Mortal Kombat II, and Street Fighter III: Third Strike.

There are also nearly 20 different pinball machines that you can enjoy playing. Some of the most notable machines that you will want to play while you are here are: The Indiana Jones Pinball Adventure, Metallica Pinball, Creatures from the Black Lagoon Pinball, and Addams Family Pinball.

If you prefer console games, then you are in luck, Abari Game Bar also has an area inside the establishment that is designed so that you can veg out on the couch and play classic console games. They have games for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES), Nintendo 64, and Sega Genesis.

Typically, this barcade is only open after 5 pm, but if you want to bring your kids, it is open to all ages on Saturdays and Sundays between 12 noon and 5 pm.

2. Palmer St.


Palmer St. is another great barcade that you will want to check out. This one is only open to adults over the age of 21, so you don’t need to worry about fighting over the games with kids. The barcade is open daily from 2 pm until 2 am, and on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, it opens at noon to give you a little more game time.

There is no cover to get into the barcade, but at any given point, there are at least 30 games available for you to enjoy. All of the classic games on the floor are set to free play, but if you are a pinball enthusiast like me, you are going to need to put in a few quarters. Each game of pinball costs 50 cents to play.

There are some great games to play at this location like Tron, House of the Dead, and Mortal Kombat. The pinball machines that you should look for include: Star Wars and Back to the Future. They even have a Walking Dead pinball machine that you can try out. The management has decided to rotate the games on a weekly basis, but they promise to only remove one game at a time.

3. Lucky’s Bar and Arcade


When you visit Lucky’s Bar and Arcade, it is like stepping back into the 90s for the night. There is a game bar that has all of the classic console games from systems like the NES, the SNES, Nintendo 64, Sega Genesis, and even Xbox. While you play, you can nosh on the $2 tacos that are simply delicious and enjoy a nice cold beer.

Insofar as pinball, there are quite a few machines that will catch your attention. Roller Coaster Pinball, Metallica Pinball, and Whirlwind Pinball are some of my favorites, but you can also enjoy exciting pinball options like Doctor Who and The Walking Dead if you prefer. If you feel like you have the skills to become the next pinball wizard, then keep an eye out for the tournaments that are held at this location every Wednesday night.

This arcade also has plenty of cabinet classics that you can play as well like Tetris, Galaga, and Frogger. There are also other conventional games like Ice Ball and Air Hockey to enjoy.

4. X-tra Ball

Combined SC-XB.jpg

The final location that is worth checking out in Charlotte is an ice cream parlor that has a number of comics and gaming options that you can explore in the same location. There are classic pinball options for you to enjoy as well as newer games that you may want to try out. Some of my favorites at X-tra Ball are Star Wars and X-Men. They also have a Jurassic Park: The Lost World game that you can enjoy.

They even have pinball tournaments at this location, so if you want to see some of the top pinball players compete, you can do so here. While you are enjoying your gaming session, there is a variety of hand-dipped ice cream that you can try.

Charlotte, North Carolina is a place that has a very rich night life, but sometimes, you want to get away from the clubs and enjoy the night playing games with like-minded individuals. The next time that you are in this beautiful city, check out some of these great pinball arcades.

Jessica Kane is a writer for The Pinball Company, the best online source for new, used, and refurbished pinball machines, arcade cabinets, and more!





Considering the nation climate in the United States, dealing with the daily disaster that is President #45, we take a look back at Tribe member Ashleigh's self-care escape when the official President changes of the guard took place. Take a peep at how she managed.   



I’ve been slacking on my travel-related posts. Since travel is one of the main things I am consistently asked about I need to step it up. For those who don’t know I live in Maryland and work in downtown DC. Upon hearing that y’all’s current president won, I knew I did not want to be in the city for inauguration weekend. I had to escape. I searched around for destinations I could go to or friends to visit and wasn’t really finding much. Great minds really do think alike because I saw more than a few posts of people wanting to get out of the city. One such thread included a post from a fellow traveler putting together a group trip to Martinique and the ticket was under $300 at the time. After a few weeks, plans were finalized and the trip was a go!


Martinique is a Caribbean Island that belongs to France, think Puerto Rico and the US. Many people haven’t heard of it but it’s such a beautiful place and I definitely plan to visit again. Despite a hotel mishap and not-so-great room, I enjoyed my trip and group of people I went with.


On our first day before our tour of the island, there was a driver mishap at the airport so we wandered around the hotel grounds. We eventually found a small beach that was pretty much empty so we made it our own. The water was so clear and beautiful, I so wish we had the clear water of the Caribbean in our beaches.

As do most of the world, the people of Martinique LOVE Obama, so much so that when he first became president they named a street after him. We ran across at least three different restaurants/bars with his name in the title. Also, completely unrelated, if you to go keep a few coins on you because most of the public restrooms required money to operate and clean.**

***See how Ashleigh's Martinique trip concluded by hopping over to her site***


Top Five Stadiums to Watch a Major League Baseball Game in the USA


Top Five Stadiums to Watch a Major League Baseball Game in the USA

Baseball continues to vie with football as the most popular professional sport in the United States. Still known as the "Nation's Past time", each season, people from all walks of life make their way to the great baseball stadiums across the nation.

Five of those venues have been dubbed the best stadiums at which to watch baseball. A variety of factors come into consideration when it comes to christening the best baseball stadiums in the country. These include the design of the stadium itself, the history and standing of the hometown team, and the surrounding neighborhood.

With the MLB postseason in full swing, let's see what are the stand out venues with the world of Baseball.

*Guest writer Jessica Kane*

Coors Field: Colorado Rockies


Located in the LoDo District of Denver, Colorado, Coors Field ends up on the list of nearly everyone's best location to take in a major league baseball game. The stadium is constructed in a manner that hearkens back to those iconic venues of days gone by. The brick stadium fits in perfectly with the popular LoDo neighborhood, which is comprised of sharply rehabbed warehouses that now feature restaurants, bars, stores, and other compelling venues.

Fans attending a game at Coors Field are not only able to take in America's favorite pastime, but are given a spectacular view of the majestic Rocky Mountain in the process. Finding a similar vista at a baseball stadium anywhere else in the nation is a true challenge.

Located in the Mile High City, Coors Field is 5,280 feet above sea level. Coors Field is at the highest elevation of any stadium in the nation. The altitude of the stadium results in a drying and added hardness to baseballs, also not found anywhere else. Once hit by a batter, a baseball actually flies 9 percent faster than is the case at any other U.S. stadium.


Fenway Park: Boston Red Sox


Often dubbed "America's Most Beloved Ballpark," iconic Fenway Park opened its gates on April 20, 1912. While other baseball stadiums may hearken back to another era, Fenway Park is the real deal. Known locally as the Green Monster celebrated its 100th season in 2012. Fenway Park remains very much like it did during it's first season at the beginning of the 20th century.

The iconic architecture of the century-old structure is in and of itself considered to be a celebration of baseball in and of itself. Fenway Park features one of the last remaining hand-operated scoreboards found anywhere in the United States.

Fenway Park is located in an area within Boston that itself celebrates baseball, and particularly the Red Sox, The pubs and bistros in the area celebrate the Sox and the Park as well as the history of both.


Camden Yards: Baltimore Oriels


Another of the fives best stadiums to watch major league baseball in the United States is Camden Yards. The current stadium opened in 1992. Nevertheless, Camden Yards brings together the old and the new, perhaps better than any other baseball stadium in the country.

Camden Yards is considered the leader in the spreading practice of making sure a baseball stadium harmonizes with the surrounding neighborhood. In addition, the neighborhood surrounding the stadium is committed to supporting the hometown team. From the bistros to the bars, the businesses surrounding the stadium provide specials and events that enhance the overall experience of attending a game a Camden Yards.

Camden Yards is also known for its unique history. The stadium is built not only over an old railroad station, but also over a café once owned by baseball legend Babe Ruth's father.


Yankee Stadium: New York Yankees


Although new Yankee uniforms have made media headlines in recent times, tradition carries on at new Yankee Stadium. Yankee Stadium is one of the best places in the country to watch baseball and to celebrate one of the most highly-regarded teams in sports history.

The new stadium was designed and built with the original Yankee Stadium well in mind. In addition, Monument Park, located across the street from the new stadium, pays homage to Yankees' greats Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, and Mickey Mantle among many more.

In addition to being able to watch the game's most successful team in history, new Yankee Stadium still serves up some of the same grub that contributed to the original stadium becoming truly legendary over time. Sitting in the heart of the Bronx Yankee Stadium is as much a staple of the Empire State as the Statue of Liberty and Times Square.


Wrigley Field: Chicago Cubs


Finally, Wrigley field is on the list of the five top stadiums in the United States to take in a game of major league baseball. Wrigley field truly bespeaks the history of baseball. Wrigley Field is the second oldest ballpark in the country, after Boston's Fenway Park.

One of the reasons Wrigley Field is considered among the best stadiums to watch a baseball game is the incomparable level of camaraderie a the stadium. Although the team has not won a championship since 1908, the Chicago Cubs have a diehard fan base like no other team.


**Jessica Kane is a writer for SteelLocker Sports, a leading retailer of brand name baseball equipment at great discount prices.**


5 Iconic and Unusual International Music Destinations


5 Iconic and Unusual International Music Destinations


For many travelers music is a vital part of the experience. Songs are often linked to memorable moments that live with you forever. Across the globe music has stamped itself via various genres and styles that often fly under the radar. Take a look at a few overlooked musical locations that you should add to your travel lists.   

*Guest writer Jessica Kane*

1. Music Row, Nashville, Tennessee

Not only have songs been written about it, but the title “Music Row” has been the unofficial name of the country music industry for over 50 years because it is universally seen as the heart and soul of country music as well as gospel in the Nashville area. You will find a multitude of publishing companies, recording studios, video houses, radio stations, and historical sites related to the country and gospel music industry, including the Ryman Auditorium known as the “Mother Church of Country Music” and the original Grand Ole Opry House. Learn more here.


2. Music and Ancient History in Caucasus, Georgia

If you are interested in the ancient art of polyphonic chant, then this journey is for you. You will hear it through the ancient culture of the Georgian region near the Black Sea close to Batumi and through Turkey and its cities of Kars, Ardanuc, Tbilisi, and more. You will hear this ancient music through liturgical chants in churches nestled in the mountains since the Middle Ages and restored, as well as in the city centers where concerts are regularly conducted and include melodious wedding chants and other popular modernized versions of the ancient musical art form. You can find out more here.


3. A Sound of Music Tour, Salzburg, Austria


One of the most famous musicals ever made was the 1964 classic, “The Sound of Music.” This was filmed in and around Salzburg, Austria. You can still visit many of the places that were used in the filming of the movie with each one associated with a particular song from the movie. Many bus tours will not stop at each site, so you can you could opt to create your own Sound of Music journey through the sites of Salzburg since most of them can be found within walking distance of each other. Some of the specific movie locations to visit are:

• Residenzplatz Square: This is where Julie Andrews, who played Maria Von Trapp sang the song “I Have Confidence in Me.”

• Mozartplatz: This statue was in the scene where all the Von Trapp children rode by in a horse-drawn carriage while singing, “Do-Re-Mi.”

• Petersfriedhof (St. Peter’s Cemetery): This was the hiding place for the entire Von Trapp family right after they had sung in the Salzburg Music Festival and then fled to freedom.

• Hohensalzburg Fortress (Vine Tunnel): As part of the scene during the “Do-Re-Mi” song, the Von Trapp children run through this tunnel.

• Schloss Leopoldskron (exterior house) This home was used for all the scenes outside in the movie including the back terrace and lake which were integral to the first half of the movie.

• Schloss Leopoldskron (Gazebo): This is known as the Sound of Music Pavillion where the Von Trapp’s eldest daughter Liesl, and the messenger boy sang “I Am 16 going on 17” and Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer sang, “Something Good.”

You can learn more here.


4. Abbey Road Studios, London, England

Beginning with the graffiti-covered wall outside of the Abbey Road Studios, this music entity holds a legendary history of names within its walls. It is most known for being the recording studio of the Beatles from the early 60’s through 1970 when the studio was renamed after one of the Beatles most famous albums named after the street the studio was on. But in the late 1950’s this studio was the hub of the advent of rock and roll with musical icons like Cliff Richard and his band The Drifters and later The Rolling Stones, James Taylor, and Pink Floyd who recorded there exclusively in the 1960s through the 1970s.

It is widely known today as the place where many films have been scored including the films of the Lord of the Rings series, Star Wars, and Raiders of the Lost Ark many of which were recorded by the London Symphony Orchestra under the direction of John Williams.

You can read more here.


5. Preservation Hall, New Orleans, LA


In the world famous French Quarter, you can find this hub for jazz and take in one of many concerts that are performed each night. The roots of jazz in this region go as far back as when jazz was first introduced in America. Preservation Hall itself was founded by a group of artists in the 1950s as an art gallery. The original owner, Larry Borenstein, found that he could not keep his art gallery open and also attend all the jazz concerts he loved so much. So, he decided to incorporate the two art forms and offered musicians the chance to perform at his hall and perform impromptu sessions of jazz. It has been that way ever since. You can find out more here.


Jessica Kane is a professional blogger who writes for Documents International LLC, a leading apostille service for individuals and businesses.


How Foreign Movies Impact Your Language Learning


How Foreign Movies Impact Your Language Learning


*Guest writer Jessica Kane*

If you are intent on learning a language, you likely are interested in discovering ways in which you can speed up the process. In the end, when it comes to learning a foreign language, there are no major shortcuts. You will have to do the heavy lifting in order to enjoy true success in learning a new language.

With that said, there are some strategies that may prove helpful to you in learning a new language. One tactic that you might want to consider when it comes to learning and then mastering a language is screening foreign movies. There are some benefits that you may possibly be able to obtain by incorporating a foreign film in your language learning efforts.

Repetition is Valuable

One way in which you can take advantage of a foreign film when you are trying to learn a new language is to run the movie in the background. In other words, you can go about your business as a foreign film is run on your television, tablet, or some other device.

Running a foreign film to obtain some language learning benefit from it does not mandate that you sit down and watch the movie from start to finish. Rather, you can do something as simple as run the foreign film in the background. You can go about your daily activities, all the while have a foreign movie running in the background.

A primary reason for running a foreign film in the background as you tend to other tasks is because of the importance of repetition in learning. This includes learning a foreign language.

A foreign film running in the background, as you take on various activities, may prove to be highly beneficial when it comes to the language learning process. Because of the value of enhancing your abilities through repetition, you run a foreign language film over and over.

Learn the Sounds and Rhythm of a Foreign Language

In order to head towards a mastery of a foreign language, learning the particular sounds and rhythm of that language is vital. Recognizing words and understanding essentially rules of grammar is an obvious starting point to learning a language. However, if you really are sincere in wanting to be able to communicate effectively in a foreign language, you need to get your hands around the cadence and manner in which a native speaker utilizes that language.

A foreign film provides you with what can prove to be a valuable tool to grasp and then work towards a mastery of the specific sounds and rhythm associated with a particular foreign language. For the purposes of this exercise, you do not need to attempt to fully translate everything that is being said in a film. Rather, you need to keep your focus on the manner in which the different characters in a movie speak.

Films can be Part of a French Emersion Endeavor

The emersion technique is the best way to master a foreign language. The best emersion process is to actually stay or live in a nation in which the language you desire to learn is spoken.

There are techniques that further an emersion process short of up and moving to a foreign country. You can create an emersion effort by reading and speaking the language on a consistent basis no matter where you live. Part of an ad hoc emersion process can also include listening to television programs, news broadcasts, and films in the language you are attempting to learn and master.

Proper Pronunciation and Regional Derivations

One problem a person attempting to learn a foreign language faces is undertaking pronunciation correctly. Even if you attend a class to learn the language, but taught by a person who is not a native speaker of that language, you cannot be certain that what you are hearing in class is a proper pronunciation. In addition, there can be regional derivations regarding language pronunciation, which is evident in the United States. Indeed, the difference between so-called British English and American English is significant.

By paying a bit closer attention to a foreign film, you will be able to learn more about proper pronunciation, including the opportunity to hear some regional derivations that oftentimes can be found in a movie.

In summary, when you are serious about learning a foreign language, avail yourself of as many tools as possible. By including foreign films in your arsenal, you put yourself in a position of potentially accelerating your learning of a foreign language.

*Jessica Kane is a professional blogger who focuses on personal finance and other money matters. She currently writes for, where you can get personal checks and business checks.*


Solo Travel does not mean you have to be alone!


Solo Travel does not mean you have to be alone!

When asked why people don’t travel. Some people respond by saying, “I don’t have anyone to travel with”. My response,” One monkey don’t stop me from traveling, the trip must go on”. The reason I say this is because if you wait on others to do something that you want to do, it may never happen. People are often too busy, don’t have enough money, content with not traveling and so forth.  As a matter of fact traveling solo has benefits. You have the ability to plan your agenda without the opinion of others, you can get to know who you are, flexibility to change plans as needed, and the freedom to meet others along the way if you choose to do so.



I am addicted to Facebook and Facebook groups.  I am an over 15 different groups as it relates to my interest and hobbies. I recently traveled solo to Nashville and Memphis, Tennessee. Due to my involvement in my groups and old friends, I was able to meet up with people along the way. I initially flew solo but I never felt like I was by myself.

One of my favorite groups is Nomadness Travel Tribe that was founded by Evita Robinson. Nomadness is a group for people who love to travel.  In order to gain access to the group, I had to watch a short video, take a quiz about the video and have at least one passport stamp. The reason I love this group is because I can send out a signal to ANYWHERE in the world and somebody will be able to meet up with me.

**Visit TIffany's site so see the rest of her Solo travel experience!**






By now you have to be living under a rock if you haven’t heard of or seen the new box office hit, Girls Trip, featuring Queen Latifah, Jada Pinkett Smith, Tiffany Haddish, and Regina Hall. The movie is hilarious from start to finish and centers around a group of college friends who reunite on a girls trip to the Essence Festival in New Orleans, Louisiana. You can only imagine the debauchery that ensued. Now I won’t ruin the movie for you, but let’s just say that by the time the movie was over, everyone wanted to plan a girls trip of their own. There is some important criteria necessary for an epic girl’s trip such as easy on the wallet, good looking men, lots of activities, good looking men, good food, good looking men, and a great location. Oh, did I mention good looking men? I love that this movie has inspired so many women to plan a girls trip but I also know people often talkabout traveling and for whatever reason never go. To help jumpstart your planning, here’s a list of 7 perfect locations for your next girls trip:


If you know me, you know that I’ve been obsessed with Cuba all of my life. It’s why I went twice in 6 months and still feel like I’ve barely been. But my personal obsession with Cuba is not the reason I put it on this list. It’s such a great location for a girl’s trip because it’s cheap, full of culture, and a variety of things to do. The island nation has so much variety between the different major cities that it’s impossible for your crew to run out of things to do. You can enjoy a relaxing day at an amazing beach in Varadero, snorkel in the Bay of Pigs, roll cigars in Viñales, and dance the night away in the streets of Habana. Despite what you may read on the internet, Cuba isn’t difficult to get to, it doesn’t have to be expensive, and there is amazing food.


Colombia is the only place on this list that I haven’t personally been to, yet, but it’s high on my priority list of places to visit asap. You may be wondering how and why I’m including it. The answer to that is I have so many friends who’ve gone recently and they all loved it. Numero uno, Colombia is incredibly cheap both after conversion and the cost of goods. I’ve heard that the partying is excellent, the food is mind blowing. Like some of the other places on this list, Colombia has several ‘popular’ cities that have a lot to offer such as Medellin, Cartegena, and Bogotá. I know one activity high on my Colombia “to-do” list is the mud bath at the Totumo Mud Volcano in Cartagena. If you’re a fan of massages or skin treatments, imagine you and your girls lounging in a warm mud bath. Sounds like fun right?

*Hop over to Tee's side of the Internet to see the other prime Girl Trip destinations!!*


Nomadness Tribal Survival:  What to keep in mind when you’re about to call another country your home


Nomadness Tribal Survival: What to keep in mind when you’re about to call another country your home


Often times there's a desire to more than just visit a new land. The urge to relocate lives in many these days. As you prepare for you new home take a moment to keep these helpful tips in mind to better adjust to the new chapter in your life. 

*Guest writer Costea Lestoc*

Moving away – What to keep in mind when you’re about to call another country your home

Are you scared about moving to a completely different country? It’s understandable why you would feel that way. The unknown is always scary, and nothing is scarier that not knowing what your life will look like in the near future. However, while fear is understandable, you shouldn’t dread the moment of departure. Of course, it severely depends on the reasons of your departure, but as long as we’re talking about something positive and leaving on good terms, you should look at it as an adventure. Even if the contrary case is true, you should still have good things to look forward to. Living in another country is no small thing, and it will contribute tremendously to building your character.

Make sure you’re ready to like the place

Once again, the context of your relocation plays a great part in how this is perceived. If you want to live as an expat in Singapore, then you’ll probably be moving to Singapore. However, going from the idea that you have at least some control over your destination, make sure that you will like your new home. There are many different cultures you can develop an interest in, so make sure that once you get there, you will have things to be excited about. Of course, some might prefer a country that is a lot closer to home in terms of similarity but maybe even in terms of distance.

Leave your old self behind, but not entirely

This is of grave importance as it will determine in what ways you shall be shaped by your experiences abroad.  When you settle down in a completely new country, you will want to be open minded and to adopt as much of the local culture as possible. From clothing to food preferences and even artistic influences, embracing what your new home has to offer is beneficial. However, don’t go overboard and forget who you were prior. It’s a good idea to keep a part of yourself “untouched” by everything new. You shouldn’t become a completely new person, unless that is actively your goal.

Take in as much as you can

If you’re going to live in a new country, don’t just root yourself to a big city. Just as it is the case in your own country, the new one probably has a lot to offer in the countryside. Visit the less populated areas of this new land and explore all it has to offer.  You’ve done it, you’ve anchored on the shore of an exciting new land. The worst thing you could do right now is box yourself in and not explore everything there is.


Domestic Jewels - Musical Gems of North Carolina

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Domestic Jewels - Musical Gems of North Carolina

*Guest writer Jessica Kane*

Never forgot that many pleasures can be discovered within your own domestic borders. With an eclectic choice of clubs and venues for music, Charlotte, North Carolina has so much to offer anyone looking for a night out. You can choose between an intimate lounge setting, an auditorium, amphitheater or even a private club depending on your choice of music and the artists that are performing. Here are some of the Charlotte highlights:

AvidXChange Music Factory


This live music venue encompasses a variety of music tastes as well as a number of different places for a musical experience. Under its musical umbrella are the Charlotte Metro Credit Union Amphitheater, The Underground, the Label Night Club and The Fillmore. The richness of variety in musical acts for upcoming events includes IdinaMenzel, Jidenna, Enrage Against the Machine, and Phantogram and Tycho to name just a few. You can see more information about upcoming events here.


Coyote Joe’s


Known for its country music acts, this club is considered one of the premiere country music venues in the country. In the past 25 years, they have featured well-known artists like Travis Tritt, Brooks Dunn, and Garth Brooks. They also have a reputation for offering one of the largest dance floors anywhere, and an unparalleled light show display. Their live music is offered every night of the week, and it includes a house band that is just as famous as some of its featured acts. This is a private club with membership for anyone over the age of 18 and starts as low as $1. More details available here.

The Evening Muse


This club has been rated by critics as the best evening club in Charlotte. With a venue that only seats 120 people, it is best to get there early to ensure a seat for the show. Known for their acoustic acts, they also feature other genres including blues, folk, country, jazz, and reggae. There is also a great selection of beer, wine, and good food while you listen and enjoy. 



The Imperial


This intimate jazz club gives you two choices for a jazz experience. You can either sit in the 50s- themed lounge and cocktail bar area that offers a nightly jazz ensemble like the Dave Hamilton Trio who have frequently been featured there, or opt for a contemporary rooftop bar with additional musical strains of jazz to cool off to on a summer evening. Both areas offer an exceptional drink selection as well. You'll definitely appreciate the versatility of the venue. See more here.


This music venue is on an intimate scale for anyone wanting an amphitheater experience without the crowds. The music scene for this club is millennial-driven as well as caters music specific to regional cultures around the world. It includes these recently featured artists and musical tours: Zacarias Ferreira, Benny Benassi, Bad Bunny, Hector Acosta 2017 USA Tour, Money Man, Freedom Finale, YFN Lucci Live, and BlacYoungsta and Da Baby. VIP tables are available if you're looking to treat yourself and a group of friends to a special evening.  

Flight Beer and Music Hall

This bar and music club has seating in two bar areas for all shows that are indoors as well as outdoors. There are nearly 100 beers on the menu and food is also available during the show. They also bring in a DJ for popular sporting events like regional sports games, college bowl games or professional championship events like the Super Bowl. It is a casual environment and features local up and coming bands as well as regionally well-known musical artists like Cole and the Funky Medics, Pluto for Planet, Ashley Wineland, Paleo Sun, Jahlistic, and more. You can see what's on deck here

It's easy to over just how many sweet spots you can find through out the country. North Carolina's musical culture lends itself to a lot of greats potential experiences. Hopefully your future travels will give you the chance to visit some of these locations! 

Jessica Kane is a writer for SoundStage Direct, the number one online source for the best vinyl records and turntables.

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The Wandering Blerds Visit St. Vincent


The Wandering Blerds Visit St. Vincent


Nomadness Tribe travelers touch every inch of this globe. As the summer approaches it's close, 2 of our own share their recent journey to the island of St. Vincent. Check out the beauty of this tropical destination via The Wandering Blerds.


5 Spots That Make Delhi The Party Hub You Never Knew


5 Spots That Make Delhi The Party Hub You Never Knew

New Delhi.jpg

*Guest writer Costea Lestoc*

It's no secret how perfect a destination Delhi is for exploring all its historical monuments, museums, food centers and shopping areas. Delhi however, is also a home for a bunch of perfect spots for partying, for a weekend night getaway and for just spending some quality fun time! If you are a party seeker, then you would be missing out on a lot if you do not explore the great night life that Delhi has to offer.

Book your flight tickets from Mumbai to Delhi on Yatra easily and get ready to venture out to some or all of these perfect party spots that we are about to discuss here!


Ghungroo, a nightlife hub serving all party enthusiasts right since the 90’s, is a party place totally worth visiting! A DJ night with fun Bollywood numbers playing to shake a leg to sounds like just the right way to party, doesn’t it?If this is something that excites you, then plan a night at Ghungroo and relive some classic music while you dance your heart out.




Raasta of Cyber Hub in Delhi is another perfect stop for all the party lovers! With the environment bursting with energy always and great food ranging from European to Thai and Mexican to treat your taste buds, Raasta has all you need for a great fun night! Plan a Saturday night of relaxation and fun here and party away!

Hard Rock Café

Live music, fantastic food, drinks, party mood all over the surroundings. Aren’t these pretty much all you would need for a perfect night? You get these all at the Hard Rock Café! There are live band performances to brighten up the environment and don’t even get us started on all the fantastic food! Hard Rock Café is definitely a must explore when in Delhi.

The Living Room (TLR)



If your definition of party is more like a relaxed time spent chilling with friends enjoying some good food, then The Living Room at Hauz Khas of Delhi is the place you might want to check out. With a gorgeous roof-top ambiance and great music to keep your mood relaxed and entertained and of course some toothsome cuisines to delight all the foodies, TLR makes it for a great laid back weekend experience. So make it a point to visit this fairly enjoyable place with a company and have an amazing time.

TC Bar and Restaurant

Lovers of rock music and karaoke, this is the destination for you all! TC Bar and Restaurant of Connaught Place is famous for its karaoke nights, heavy rock music and good food. If all the features of this place sound right up your alley, then do not miss out on this! You wouldn’t be disappointed.

These are some of the many worth exploring fun spots in Delhi making it a great party hub! When out in Delhi for a vacation, these might be just the kind of places you might want to venture out to with friends on a weekend probably after a whole week of exploring Delhi’s tourist attractions. You can make a plan at these nightlife party hubs work anyway according to your trip and make the best out of them! With these fun and interesting places sorting you out on your entertainment while here, head over to Yatra and get your tour planning and bookings from Mumbai to Delhi done now! Search for air tickets from Mumbai to Delhi and get the best deals going light on your pocket yet being assured of a comfortable vacation!


Discover The Jewels of North Africa - 5 North African Destinations For Your Must Visit List


Discover The Jewels of North Africa - 5 North African Destinations For Your Must Visit List

*Guest writer Stephen R. Wright *

For most people, African travel calls to mind images of the central and southern portions of the continent. We imagine safaris in Kenya and Tanzania, beautiful getaways in West Africa, or perhaps most commonly the stunning allure of Cape Town. These can all be excellent places to travel to. But North Africa shouldn’t be left off your list either.

Here are five of the best North African destinations to put on your travel list.


Fez, Morocco

As far as travel to Morroco goes, it tends to be Marrakesh and Casablanca that draw the most attention. Neither is the capital (that would be Rabat), but Marrakesh is viewed as a fascinating and exotic destination, and Casablanca is the biggest city in the country. Fez, however (sometimes written as “Fes”) has been gaining ground in recent years, and has been featured on a few lists of the trendiest destinations. One of the leading online travel sites wrote just two years ago about why now is the time to visit Fez.

So, why should you visit? The compact answer is that you should visit if you love to travel for the sake of culture and history. Fez isn't bursting with modern attractions or comforts, but it’s as accurate a snapshot of past eras as you’ll find in a North African city. That makes it a worthwhile stop on any vacation in the area. There are several noteworthy sites, including old mosques, ancient tombs, the minaret, and various museums. But the best course of action, provided you’re safe about it, is to lose yourself in the city. The feelings you get and the buildings you run into as you wander about Fez make the experience special.


Tunis, Tunisia

If you’re looking for a North African destination that feels more like an ideal Caribbean getaway, Tunis may be your best bet—at least among major cities. In some ways, it resembles other North African cities like Fez and Marrakesh. Its Medina quarter is a popular attraction, you can find plenty of old Arab architecture around the city, and the Bardo Museum is filled with interesting glimpses of the ancient world.

But there’s more to Tunis than these features and some of the best reasons to travel there exist on the outskirts of town. One is the ruined ancient city of Carthage. This was the seat of the Carthaginian Empire, which challenged Rome for Mediterranean supremacy in the Punic Wars. The other is Sidi Bou Said, a small coastal town that looks and feels as much like some of the locations on the Greek isles as anything else.


Cairo, Egypt

Cairo is one of the most populous cities in Africa, and also one of the most famous. It’s also one of the most interesting cities in the world from a historical perspective. It's located right in the thick of the ancient world, near the Nile delta and the connection from Africa to Asia. It’s become a big, modern city in many respects, but the sightseeing is still incredible. You can take in Saladin’s Citadel (built in the late-12th century), explore the Egyptian Museum and its incredible artifacts, tour many spectacular mosques, and stroll through beautiful Al-Azhar Park, with its views of the city.

The main attraction, however, is the pyramids of Giza. We’ve seen the pyramids and their history fictionalized and used in pop culture over the years. They’ve played roles in countless films and books, as well as in video games. Currently, a game called “Pyramid: Quest For Immortality” is in circulation among several titles produced by NetEnt for internet gamers. Games and movies aside though, the pyramids in real life are more stunning than in any fantasy experience. They’re among the wonders of the ancient world, and seeing them in person is awe-inspiring.


Constantine, Algeria

Algiers gets most of the headlines for Algerian travel, and it’s not a bad place to throw on your list. But Constantine, named for the emperor of the same name, is as unique a city as you'll find in this part of the continent. That’s because it was built to be a natural fortress, perched atop a high plateau above a deep gorge and marked by various cliffs, mountains, and canyons. The geography itself is picturesque, and it also makes the city very interesting. Constantine is marked by various bridges connecting small mountains and crossing ravines.

Compared to some other major North African cities, Constantine is a little light on specific attractions. But that doesn’t mean you can’t occupy yourself in some pretty amazing ways. Sightseeing on the larger bridges (the M’cid and the El Kantara) is a treat. You can also hike through the beautiful Gorges du Rhumel that runs beneath and throughout the city. And a visit to the Mediterranean coast roughly 50 miles to the north is perfectly manageable as a day trip.


Luxor, Egypt

We’ve already covered some of the wonders of Egyptian travel, which you can find in and around Cairo. But Luxor is arguably an even more impressive destination if you’re primarily looking for pieces of the ancient world, rather than a modern city. Luxor is what now exists at the site of the ancient city of Thebes, which was as glamorous as any place in ancient Egypt.

Luxor is in close proximity to the remains of Karnak, which was a sort of spiritual and religious hub for ancient Egyptians, and where you can still find old monuments and buildings. It’s also just across the Nile from the Valley of Kings, where you’ll find the tomb of King Tut</a> among other incredible burial spots and ancient artifacts. Luxor also has its modern attractions, even including some luxurious hotels and resorts to accommodate the many visitors. But in many respects traveling here can truly feel like going back to the ancient world.


Keeping Aware of Travel Scam & Hustle

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Keeping Aware of Travel Scam & Hustle

Travel Scams.png

Scams that rip off tourists are common. Travel long enough and you’ll find yourself the intended victim of at least one of these travel scams that I fell for strictly for the purposes of research to help you out, Dear Travel Buddy, because, I mean, who needs to keep all their money anyway.


In Thailand I was taken by a tuk tuk driver. To a jewellery store. See, it’s common practice around Phuket, Thailand to hire a tuk tuk to take you to your destination, only to have the driver first stop off at a jewellery store or tailor shop so you can look around. Against your will.

Most people don’t mind this if they’ve already come to expect it. I was prepared for this to happen. The driver pulled in front of the store and motioned for me to go in. When I walked in, the salesladies greeted me and asked me if I wanted to buy some earrings. I was in the market for a necklace, so I looked around the display cases. But I didn’t see anything I wanted, so I turned and bowed a little to the ladies and walked out the door.

The tuk tuk driver and I smiled at each other and we started moving. I thought we were on our way to my hotel. But he stopped at another store. He turned to me and said “You didn’t stay long enough minutes for me to get commission.”

I didn’t know there was a 10 minute minimum.

I wasn’t in a hurry, and I actually did want a necklace. So I went into store #2 and repeated the process but at a slower pace. I still didn’t buy, but my driver seemed satisfied and took me home.

Do the Right Thing

Saigon, Vietnam is hot. With humidity that makes wiping away the sweat totally pointless. If you tried to re-enact the scene from Do the Right Thing where Mookie rubs ice cubes on Tina, you’d fail. The ice would be completely melted before you left the kitchen.


Now Vietnam has delicious street food. I stumbled on a street cart selling Bahn Mi sandwiches with a line 6 locals deep. This was the Sal’s of the East, and I was eating here no matter what. I got in line and waited for my turn for deliciousness. The lady in front of me ordered the exact sandwich  I wanted. Pork paté with a fried egg on top. She handed the vendor 10,000 Vietnamese Dong (around 50 cents) and he gave her change back. I couldn’t tell if it was 1000 or 2000, but I figured with the “tourist tax” that’s illegally but commonly charged, my sandwich would be closer to 20,000 dong. I was prepared to pay that price no problem.

The sandwich man cut open my baguette, fried the pork and an egg, and piled the vegetables onto my sandwich. He wrapped it in paper and sealed it in a plastic bag. Then as I took the sandwich from him, he sad “Ninety.”

I don’t speak Vietnamese. I at first assumed he had made a mistake with his English. I said “Do you mean nine?” as I handed him a 20,000 dong bill. He said “No, ninety.”

***The travel life lessons continue. Hop over to Stephanie's corner of the internet for the rest of your Hustle avoiding tips. Click Here*** 

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Target Asia - 6 Asian Destinations To Add To Your Travel Bucket List


Target Asia - 6 Asian Destinations To Add To Your Travel Bucket List

*This is an affiliate post via Casey Barnes*

For something different from the typical beach getaway, take the family away to somewhere unique. Asia boasts some of the most exciting and stunning locations on the planet, regardless of whether it’s a bustling city or a secluded island. Here are six of the best Asian destinations your whole family is sure to enjoy.

Jaipur, India

Image via

Image via

You may not have even heard of it, but Jaipur is one of India’s must-sees. A lavish city full of gorgeous architecture and rich culture, you’ll find it’s easy to get lost in the sheer number of things to do. There’s something for all the family, too – whereas the parents may enjoy touring the Palace of Mirrors in the Amber Fort, the little ones will be eager to tour the abundance of street food stalls available in the city.

It’s in Jaipur that you’ll be able to experience one of the most genuine cultural moments, too – by staying in the home of a local family. Here, you’ll have a unique experience. Homestays in India are best described asimmersive, as you're likely to get cooking lessons (so you’ll be able to make some of that aforementioned street food for yourself) and come together with families and friends in the community in the evening, who will share stories that will intrigue both you and the kids.

Kuta, Bali

Image via Youtube

Image via Youtube

Bali is usually a considered a tranquil getaway for the traveler looking to head off the beaten track, but Kuta offers something much different. It has quickly become a hotspot for tourists – especially families – that offers a harmonious balance between natural calmness and vibrant energy. For example, sitting by the beautiful beach is one of Asia’s best waterparks. Waterbom Bali is a must visit for any family looking to have some pure, unadulterated fun.

There’s also the opportunity to try your hand at surfing. Kuta’s waters are renowned for their perfect conditions, so why not let the little ones try their hand at something unique? That’s not to say Kuta is all fun and games, though – take a step back and explore the two famed temples in the city, both equally as stunning and offering a wealth of historical value.

Tokyo, Japan

Image via Groupon

Image via Groupon

You’ll find Tokyo will become a sprawling playground – and it’s not just for the children. It’s easy to become immersed in the neon lights of the city center, where technology is king and multi-storey gadget stores tower on every street. Yamada-Denki LABI is one example. It’s not only one of the best gadget shops in Tokyo, but it’s housed in a huge red and white building in the Sotokanda district with its tubed escalators on the side of the building giving the impression of a huge hamster cage.

Tokyo is full of these eccentricities – there’s an abundance of strange cafes in the city for you to dine in, too. These range from the increasingly popular cat cafes (which are now popping up all over the world) to the N3331 café, sandwiched between two train tracks. Here you’ll be able to enjoy a beverage whilst watching commuters zoom past all day long. You might get bored, but this will be one of the fascinating things your kids will ever see in their lives.

Bangkok, Thailand

Via Youtube

Via Youtube

For an introduction to a city that’s full to the brim of vibrant culture, look no further than Bangkok. You’ll find incredible experiences on both sides of the Chao Phraya River – as well as upon it – and they’re all as suited to you as they are to the little ones. Take the Grand Palace, for example. There’s plenty of glorious architecture to be struck by here at the former residence of the country’s Kings, and the kids will be satisfied enough with that fact.

In the evening, consider cruising down the aforementioned Chao Phraya River. It’s an unforgettable experience being able to sail through the city and see the majestic landmarks that stand on the water’s edge. It’s a luxury that you’ll all likely never forget. The experience was even impressive enough to convince an anti-Bangkok traveler he’d been wrong all along about the city.

Hanoi, Vietnam



For a more peaceful and relaxed family holiday than the usual, Hanoi is the place to go. The Vietnam capital doesn’t feel much like a capital at all –it’s serene and laidback, and you’re able to go with the flow and explore at your own pace. The HoanKiem Lake is a perfect spot to take a quiet stroll, and let the atmosphere wash over you as the breeze flows between the giant trees.

If the kids are looking for something a bit upbeat, Hanoi isn’t completely void. The Vinpearl Water Park sits in the center of the city inside a shopping mall like a hidden paradise –colourful slides intertwine amongst cascading water features to create an unrestricted haven for the little ones. For something a bit more creative, head to Bat Trang Ceramic Village, where you’ll be able to try your hand at crafting your own ceramic products. These little peculiarities make for an intoxicating city full of wonder.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates



Head to Western Asia (also technically the tip of Middle East) for a true taste of luxury. Dubai is perhaps the most quickly-developed city in the world, with towering skyscrapers and lavish resorts seemingly appearing by the day. The feats of engineering here are breathtaking – the BurjKhalifa sits in the center of it all, boasting the title of the tallest building in the entire world. Next to it lays the Dubai Mall, the biggest mall in the world, where you’ll likely spend all day exploring its attractions – including the immense aquarium.

Perhaps the most alluring attractions in Dubai are the Palm Islands, the three manmade islands that are instantly recognizable. The Atlantis hotel, residing on Palm Jumeriah, is the place to go – a monumental hotel that is as costly as it is luxurious, you’ll also find the Aquaventure waterpark here. It’s safe to say your inner child will be unleashed as you discover the incredibly unique and thrilling attractions awaiting you.



Nomads in Koh Samui


Nomads in Koh Samui

*This is an affiliate post by Sandra James*

Digital nomads looking for perfect destinations to work and travel often make their choice between the best Thai islands and Koh Samui is among the most demanded places. Gone are the days when Koh Samui was just a small fishing community framed by white sandy beaches, coral reefs and palm trees. Today it’s one of the best vocation destinations for travelers all over the world.  Despite the locals here you can see a cosmopolitan mix of independent budget travelers that prefer staying there for a couple of months. Some even buy homes and condos and live for years. Many celebrities have their private villas on this luxurious island. However, we are here to discover Koh Samui for independent travelers including nomads. Let’s go!


So, even if you are not working online just keep reading, as it’s really useful to know about nice cafés to sip a coffee and upload your holiday pictures with a good wi-fi connection in Thailand’s best island.

When and Why

One of the most frequently asked questions about Koh Samui is why and when should you visit there. Of course Thailand is a tropical country and it’s sunny almost all year round but there are rainy months of winter that you may avoid if you want to enjoy the sun, the soft and shiny sand along with the stunning water of the sea. Thus, the driest months are from December to February where prices tend to peak. If you come after February, you may find lower prices. March and April are still amazing months to choose for this destination but the perfect choice is of course summer. It goes without saying that September tends to be warm yet very subtle at the same time. All in all you can travel to Koh Samui whenever you want depending on your interests, nomad lifestyle and preferences.


Cafés and Restaurants

As for cafés and restaurants to chill out or work most of them have wi-fi connection with some exceptions. Actually the speed of the internet connection is very fast and the only reason why it can lose its power may be the bad weather. The following cafés are perhaps the best for nomads; Coffee Club in Chaweng, June Art Café in Bohput and Nathon, Coffee Cup in Bang Rak, Black Canyon Coffee and Sunset Café in Bang Rak.


Getting Around   The way you choose to get there depends on your country but the fact is that it’s a simple issue to deal with. Just when you arrive make sure you have already booked a  Koh Samui villa  before your arrival. It makes your trip much productive and saves both money and time. It’s quite easy navigating around Koh Samui.Compact and cozy driving around the whole island will take 1-3 hours depending on your means of transport. According to the majority of tourists you really cannot get lost as there is only one single main road around the coast of the island. However, the heart of the island is covered by dense rainforest and a mountainous landscape.

Getting Around

The way you choose to get there depends on your country but the fact is that it’s a simple issue to deal with. Just when you arrive make sure you have already booked a Koh Samui villa before your arrival. It makes your trip much productive and saves both money and time. It’s quite easy navigating around Koh Samui.Compact and cozy driving around the whole island will take 1-3 hours depending on your means of transport. According to the majority of tourists you really cannot get lost as there is only one single main road around the coast of the island. However, the heart of the island is covered by dense rainforest and a mountainous landscape.