Welcome to the madness that is Nomadness! You've stumbled upon the freshest movement in the world (literally) of travel. Scope out the Nomadness Travel Tribe, our collective of globe trotters, artists, entrepreneurs, and diverse vacationers alike. We have meet ups and trips everywhere your mind can imagine. View past episodes of #TheNOMADNESSProject , Executive Produced by Issa Rae, travel webseries,  documenting our travels around the world.  Pick up some Tribe swag, drop me a personal line. Remember, if you have at least one international stamp in your passport, you too can, join the Tribe on Facebook! Keep traveling... -Evie


Tribe Testimonials:

"Joining Nomadness is probably one of the best decisions I've ever made. I'm encouraged to do things I wouldn't normally do (traveling alone) and at the click of a button I'm able to tap into an incredible amount of insight. Tribe members are go-getters and some of the funniest and most inspiring people I've ever met. Needless to say, I've made some great friends. The Tribe is INSPIRED." - London, UK Member, Tayo of


"Only once in my life, more than 10 years ago, did I feel so connected to a group of people that I'd never met in person. My earlier experience resulted in several life-enhancing relationships, and I know the Tribe will as well. It's inspiring and exhilarating to be in the company of so many different walks of life, who share this common passion for exploration. To an uninformed eye/ear, world travelers can seem like an elitist bunch, but that's SO not the case with the Tribe. Each new member is welcomed warmly and what you put into the group is given back ten fold. My fellow Tribes-folk share information and hospitality selflessly and it's amazing to know that you can visit just about anywhere in the world and have a member of the Tribe nearby who will welcome you." - Dallas, Texas member, Quia Querisma, member since November 2011