Today is the day to buy in. Happy hunting for those looking to get into the INDIA 2016 Nomadnessx Trip! Link will cease to work once spots are fully taken. Please be careful to choose correct trip AND gender.  Trips are only open to current Nomadness members and all pertaining information is inside the group.


*NOTE*: The buyin launches at 1pm EST on August 5th. Any orders made before that time WILL NOT BE GRANTED. Do not try to beat the clock. In addition, remember the Nomadness Trip policy.

If you have to pullout of a trip, the buyin is non-refundable. We do our best to find someone to take your spot, in the group. If we are successful, you are refunded according to the calendar below.

>30 Days: Refunded with 10% Change/Cancellation fee deduction

<30 Days: Refunded with 20% Change/Cancellation fee deduction


DATES: March 22-29th, 2016


PRICE: $820, 2 Installments

August 5, 2015 $500 Deposit

September 5, 2015 $320 Balance Due

COUPLE PRICE: $620- This is the price the 2nd person pays

9 Available 

We allow a designated amount of couple spots on trips. 'Couple' simply means someone consenting, that you feel comfortable sharing a bed with (partner, best friend, etc...) After one gets on the trip successfully through the buyin, they will get a direct email asking about couple slots. Those are then filled on first response/first served basis, until full. 


We have a spot available for the  BAHIA Nomadnessx Trip. Information below. 


DATES: Jan. 5-10, 2016

Available: 1 Bed; Hostel Lodging


PRICE: $398