In Spring 2013, the Nomadness Travel Tribe took to the open road in USA. 

We drove cross-country from New York City,to Los Angeles with our imaged wrapped RV and stopped in on various Historically Black Colleges and Universities. 

There Tribe Creator, Evie gave her travel and diversity workshop, with an interactive portion dealing with stereotypes.

Sponsored by, YRB Magazine, and the RV drove over 2,500 miles and successfully completed our biggest initiative yet!! 

We would love to thank the participating schools for 2013:

Morgan Sate University :: Hampton University :: Virginia State University :: North Carolina A&T 

Spelman College :: Xavier University :: Texas Southern University 

We were able to create an entire webseries on the 2013 Tour! Peep the videos below!!


The first episode of the Nomadness RV College Takeover 2013: HBCU Edition.

Tribe Creator, Evie, along with members Shavaun and Jason start the first leg of the trip

off driving from NYC to Delaware for their first Meet Up stop on the way to Los Angeles.

The campus /presentation start to the tour finally begins.

Watch as Evie and other Tribe members interact with students at Morgan State University,

Hampton University, and Howard University during the first few days of the tour.

The Nomadness Travel Tribe RV Tour hits Virginia State University's campus.

Getting a real feel for what life is like at an HBCU, the VSU birthed group F.A.A.M. (Future African-American Millionaires)

hosted the Tribe during one of the most exciting days yet.

F.A.A.M. itself was started by some of the brothers in the Tribe, thirteen years ago, when they attended the school themselves.

Now, thirteen years later, they are able to see their legacy live on in generations after them,

pushing the emphasis of entrepreneurship and being each other's keepers.

The Nomadness RV tour spends some time in Atlanta, Georgia.

There, Evie visits both Spelman and Morehouse, with a night presentation to the ladies of Spelman College.

Atlanta also gives way to another RV Crew member rotation and

Ghana and Keisha join the group from Atlanta on through to the finish line of the tour.

The Nomadness RV Tour stops in on North Carolina A&T for the HBCU tour. It's a full day,

with Evie conducting three presentations for students.

Get a glimpse into the history of the Tribe starting and what it's like being a creative entering the world of business.

Also, listening to current students, you gain a perspective on how their own travel has impacted their lives, learning that travel is not exclusive to the affluent. There are ways!

Hard to believe the RV Crew pulled off from New York City, only to drive into New Orleans, Louisiana on this episode. The retrospect of Katrina hits the crew head on,

as they are surrounded by water heading into the city. They are introduced to the city, the food, and have their stops at High Council member, Macario's house,

as well as the appearance at Xavier University. 

The Nomadness crew finishes up the last school presentation of the tour, at Texas Southern University. You meet High Council Member, Keith and the new addition Airis.

After a change in plans, the crew decides to head to...Roswell, New Mexico to get a glimpse

of some UFOs. Eerie and funny, the Tribe leaves their mark on Roswell the best way they know how!