Many of you have read about my excursions around Japan over the last few months. You have also read about my lovely foreign and Japanese friends. Last night was no exception. 

After a day of company protocol and many Evie verbal declarations of, "I can't!" while side eyeing Megan, it all turned out right. 

Miwa, a Japanese friend and Niigata University student who lives around my way, met us at the bar I work at. Once my shift concluded, two cars worth of us headed to Shame for the Soul/Funk night that my homie Suguro put me onto. Suguro and Kotoyo are my oracle for everything hip-hop, old-school, soul/funk, and cheap in Niigata. For that, I am forever indebted. 

It is becoming more apparent that when the time arises to leave this place, it's progressively becoming harder. The first half of this trip was daunting, resembling a jail sentence more so than an experience. I now have legitimate friends...Japanese friends. These friends are not guaranteed to ever visit my country, let alone my city.  These friends barely speak English, and have solidified that it truly doesn't matter. They have been there for me when tears have come down my face, alcohol was consumed, laughs were produced, and dance floors were destroyed. 

I truly love you all. Thank you for being in my life.

Enjoy the video y'all.