It's officially Christmas Day in Japan, and Christmas Eve in New York.
As much as I wanted to be home, and others wanted to be here, it wasn't feasible. So I was trying to find a way to share my Christmas with you all.
Two weeks ago a friend of mine, Kotoyo, had a Christmas party that I attended and shot video of. The video below is a peek into my Japanese world during this holiday! I love and miss you all.

In Japan, Christmas is not a big deal. Everything is still open, and the attachment to Christianity is enough for the Japanese to be 'ma-ma' (so-so) about the idea of the holiday. Therefore, I will spend this holiday doing what I love most, writing. I am going to cook an amazing breakfast, and set up shop at a Starbucks in order to fully embrace my creating. I hope you enjoy the video! Arigato!