I'm bloated.

I'm not sure why I chose to do the update today, because that fact, but if this is how I am bloated then I'm better any other day. I don't know if I necessarily see any difference in these pics from my post on Day 1 but, as promised, I am keeping you updated on the progression.

I do not think I have lost any actual weight, but I do think I may have converted some thigh weight over to muscle.

The changes I have noticed are:

1- I function better throughout the day since implementing protein into my breakfast, and since really sticking to my running.

2- My running workout is beginning to get easier to do, including lunges uphill.

3- The influx in female hormones throughout the month is really starting to show itself in my energy level, sleeping patterns, and snacking habits.

This is the end of week two. I run 4-5 times a week,m even when I am exhausted and regardless of weather.

I need to modify my workout. Something has to change in order to make it more challenging and new to my body. I am open to any recommendations you all may have. I have posted my actual workout below, so you know exactly what I am doing. I want to start the changes on Monday. I was thinking getting up about a half hour earlier every morning and doing my 20 min pilates DVD. I admit, I haven't been stretching anywhere as much as I need to.

and I will need to be flexible when i get back to New York......ahhh sex.

Current workout:

25-30 mins running- starts on flatland and goes up steep hills, within running I switch over to uphill lunges at the inclines
5-10 min of two step climbs. These steps are huge. It's like another form of lunge going up stair instead of hills.
Walk 5 mins before and after workout

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