I fell off the boat this week, in regards to the workout plan. Been working out, but you can tell when you are really going in, and when you aren't. At least I got off my ass and did something. I can be proud of that.

The culprit this week? Sugar.
It is my culinary downfall in life. When I crave it, I crave it hard.
This week was one of them.

In all, I want to get in on these workouts again. Rain season or not I am trying to get as much running in as possible before I return to NYC. I have 1 week left to this workout plan, and 2 weeks left before I touch ground in NY. It's a beautiful feeling.

Physical changes:

I dropped about 3 pounds since the last time I posted a picture. Before and after below, but I have definitely reached a plateau. What is happening now, is my weight has stabilized at around 154 but my body is morphing. Thighs are smaller, face is more oval, abs are the best I have EVER seen them in life, and my actual waist is getting smaller.

Also, I have had one annoying roll in the back area that is finally disappearing.
Running is great for my all over, but when I get to NY and have the free reign of my gym, and pilates equipment at home, I am definitely targeting specific areas more with resistance training/weights. I can't do that here, so I must take advantage there.