In photography, the camera contains many functions. Two of the most frequent functions used, to dictate how the picture turns out, are the aperture and focus... Follow me on this one.

I am realizing that in people, all around the word, having the tenacity to go in on your dreams is rare. Period. Living in New York, around hustlers, it's easy to think everyone is chasing after something. It's true and false. Everyone wants something, but are they willing to put in the work to get it? I mean REALLY put in the work...I ask.

In the pictures of your goals, how clear is your focus?

Is it crystal clear, where you can taste the satisfaction in this moment? Or is it fuzzy and resembling an old school Polaroid? Yes, vintage photos are cool every once in awhile. But we are living in a Digital SLR world homie. It's time to upgrade. You can't acquire SLR dreams with Polaroid focus. It doesn't happen that way.

On a small scale, my main goal for the last few months was acquiring the funds to get a flight home. Anyone who knows my company knows that you get screwed financially in the forefront, but you have a nice package to export with on the tail end.

Enter tunnel vision...three other jobs. That's what it took for me to go in on my goal. Do I like working this hard? No. Do I make it my business to put in whatever work is necessary to obtain my goals? Always.

Walking over Bandai bridge with a friend, I was sprung with a question I am starting to hear more often out here. "How do you stay so focused?"
The more people learn about me, the more I hear this. It was a hard question to answer, but I just said "I don't understand 'No.' I do whatever has to be done to get what I want. The first step to get what you want is to be clear on what it is you want." We continued walking...

I am finding that people get stuck in that first phase. You have to constantly set goals, accomplish them, and set new ones. That is how you prosper. All the while keep your main (HUGE) goal in mind. When your overall picture is in focus, then the smaller decisions you make become easier. You just go with whatever gets you to the bigger picture faster.

Aperture is the hole opening in the camera that dictates how much light comes in during a shot. This gives the photo its contrast, highlights, shadows, and brilliance.

Aperture is your light...your drive, your passion. How much light are you giving your goals? Are you just talking about them or are you going after them? Are you telling your friends "Nah, chill. I can't go out today because I have to do ___." Do you have a vision board, or a vision list? Have you researched possible jobs or mentors in the field you want? Have you started building your portfolio? Whatever it takes have you started? I am a firm believer that it all starts with a thought, then a plan, then an action. A dream is useless if you don't act upon it.

"If you are always ready, then you ain't got to get ready." - Will Smith

please believe it.......