Why must I have this unwavering, almost obsessive, need to attempt at every single opportunity that I see even a slither of potential in?

I need your advice. Honest opinion.

Recent Facts of Life:

1. I just got home from shooting a reality travel series, like 72 hours ago.

2. I am burnt out. Rest is non-negotiable. BUT I'm an Aries and I will get stir crazy. It's genetics.

3. I am broke. I didn't get paid on the series. (Anyone looking for an Assocaite Producer or Production Coordinator in NYC, hit me up!)

4. I have traveled within seven countries in the past 10 months. IN...SANE.

5. I want/need to finish my memoir (about 200 pages in) and perfect the pitching package for Nomad•ness series.

Recent Finding:

There is a search for an individual travel series host. Great opportunity. Great exposure. 

1. Pays 60,000 USD for a one year contract.  At the end of the season, I would be given 150,000 USD to go towards purchasing a house in a country of my choosing....ok that might have given the competition away, but continuing on...  

2. Job/Shooting would start March 2011 and run until December 2011. I'd never be traveling for more than 4 consecutive weeks at a time. Totaling no more than 6 months.


To apply for this competition...or not.

Yes. No. Why?

This is my attempt at not acting so impulsively and being selective. Bare with me. I'm new to this.