Sarah Silverman

Many celebrities have been speaking out, in different forms, on the recent influx of suicide deaths by homosexual children in the United States. Its been something that has really shaken many people up, and been the catalyst behind things like the "It Gets Better" campaign.

For some reason, I dug the shortest video I saw the most. Above is the post that Sarah Silverman did. It addressed America, dead on, about its own internal shit.

A few days ago, i was having a conversation with someone in Thailand and really gave this South East Asian country a lot of credit. Thailand is known for the lady boys population here. Namely, the fact that they make up a big portion of the prostitution population.

Yet, and still, I give Thailand all the credit in the world because they openly accept this fact. You can see a trasvestite working as a clerk at your hotel, as a conductor/waiter on your train, behind the cashier at the supermarket. They are fully integrated into the community, for what they are, people. If anyone is making fun of them, of giving them a hard time, it's usually foreigners, because we aren't used to this.

Thailand may be a developing country, yet in that regard, they may be more developed than the United States. For that, I tip my hat to Thailand. 

Suicide is never the answer.