Over a year ago, my father sent me this link to a website that I'd never heard of, Blacks Without Borders.

I am very much familiar with the likes of Doctors Beyond Borders. Today I was introduced, through an invitation to a Cambodian fundraiser, to Friends Without a Border. Yet, it wasn't until I viewed this link that I was blown away by the idea of business in Africa.

The promo video speaks for itself, but there are many untapped resources in South Africa. This documentary is the story of a number of African-Americans, who could not get their businesses off the ground in the United States. Therefore, they moved themselves and their businesses to South Africa and have since become millionares.

It's a story of freedom of choice in one's own endeavors, and the possibilities out there when you refuse to be put into a box.

All of this just follows along the energy I have right now navigating me towards a Spain, Morocco, to Egypt trip for sometime in 2011.

Check out the Blacks Beyond Borders website and video, here.