It's been two years since being home for Halloween. Halloween is my favorite 'holiday' and definitely the creative playground for New York City. It's when the 'normal' can become crazy and the 'crazy' can act normal. Halloween in NYC is always known for the annual Village Parade, with thousand of people lined up down 6th Avenue, starting from Spring Street up to 16th. Favorite part of the city. Favorite holiday. I was in least in the beginning.

Can someone please tell me what year Halloween became so cold? I remember yesteryears when I used to partake in Mischief Night, and Halloween was an all out free fall. Maybe a light jacket was needed, but the last few years Halloween has been an indication of an impending winter as much as it is of candy. I mean damn! Last night felt like -100 degrees. It was probably somewhere in the low 50s, with a Manhattan wind chill that made it feel 10 degrees less. 

I don't understand, anymore, how people (grown women) can stand outside for hours in scantily clad costumes. If you want to be sexy, go tight but go covered. Body suits, cat suits, astronaut suits, what have you.

I pray for the rest of you waking up with pnemonia in the morning. I took about an hour of the inclimate spectacle. Twenty minutes of which was in a pizzeria watching a man argue with a woman about how New York City pizza is better than anything made in Minnesota. She kept throwing her cheese into the box, in disgust. It was entertaining.

So I rummaged through the streets, kept my eye on the costumes, and realized my next Halloween here will have to have one thing added...a party. Next year, I want to invest in the Webster Hall Halloween Party. The parade is amazing, as per usual, but the weather is making it nearly unbearable to witness in entirety. Something enclosed works best.

This dude Jigsaw is the hardest working killer in Hollywod right now.

Couple Halloween costume executed very well!

A few pointers for next year:

Depending on how long you want to be outside, pick your viewing spot smartly.

If you know the cold is too much and you still want to see the actual parade, head father downtown, as close as you can get to Spring St. That way you don't have to be out all night to see it all.

If you want to show up a little later and catch it, and you don't mind massive crowds, I'd say for you too head around 11th to 15th Street around 7:30-8:00pm. You'll be there for the good stuff and at the most crowded point (14th Street).

Hope everyone's Halloween ended up well. I was slightly drunk at Applebee's with Jason by the end of the night, and drinking Apple Cinnamon tea in a Diner with Nelson before bed. I'm no fool!