In reality there are a million and one reasons to go to Europe. Reasons even I don't know, merely seeing three countries on the Western side.

But, I've been a STA Travel customer. I admit, that's dwindled since turning 26 years old.(Another perk of traveling to and through Europe is they consider you for "youth" discounts until 26 yrs. old. bless their hearts.)

Since then, I've had to find discounts the same way the rest of the population does. Regardless, one who wants to backpack or just travel through a few countries in Europe will love this deal. Especially, if you hate flying.

I'm going to get into this on an 'Interact with Evie' episode, but I had severe flight anxiety for a long time. It still is NOT one of my favorite things to do. Little fun fact.

So.....the sale. Eurail is doing a BUY ONE GET ONE FREE on Railway passes! Get a Global or Select Pass and you'll get another one for free. Sale started today, until supplies last! Get on it.

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