To hell with Cash Money, Young Money, Diddy Dirty Money...whateva!

This is the Age of the Entrepreneur, and what I like to call new money.

As my mind is definitely transitioning on building business in 2011, I am taking notes from the young power players that are around now. This hit me during a weird time.

I was sitting down, enjoying one of my vices, watching Millionare Matchmaker on Bravo. Yes, I'm a Patti fan. After getting sucked into a mini marathon, I noticed something now that they have moved the show from LA to New York...a HUGE percentage of the millionares in New York are in an internet business.

This is that new money. Some came to frution during the huge internet boom, but don't be fooled, many started after (um....can we say Facebook). There is a serious pool of opportunity out there, and once the changes to Nomad•ness take place first quarter next near, I believe I will be in route.

Thus leading to my daily status': I woke up feeling like I could be a millionare this time next year.

Truth is...I DO, for the first time in my life, TRULY believe it.