In the midst of what is looking to be a 12+ hour work day from home, I decided to put on some Pandora playlists, while enjoying a Crunch bar. All a precursor to me starting the Master Cleanse tomorrow. In the middle of digitially getting myself ready to write, Goapele's "Closer" was next up on the playlist, and stopped me right in my tracks.

This song, this woman, this song. This song is so potent right now, as I feel I am truly living the lyrics. I am blessed! There is no denying that someone up top is looking out for your girl. Certain doors have opened recently that I've been dreaming of for years. I am, indeed, closer to my dreams. I feel it. I sat still and just listened to the song. Remembering the first time I heard it...

I was an intern at Sony Music Entertainment (yes, before the BMG merge) my sophomore year in college. I worked as a Television/Radio Production Assistant and would roam the halls on the 31st floor feeling unstoppable. On any given day, music would blast from various people's offices, and on a particular day, this song resonated down the hallway. Her voice caught my attention, and the words pulled me in.

Here I sit, farther along in my career,  nearly seven years later, the same woman (just more internally developed) and the song strikes me just the same. Now, more relatable.