of conscious...I've watched more tv in two days then in the last year. It makes my brain go numb and I no longer like it, unless I am creating it. I prefer when it is off and I am doing something more productive (like this)...Kinda bummed I missed the pillow fight in Union Square yesterday...all the guys came to the party, but none of the girls...hmmm...Dj Rich Medina is my favorite DJ in NYC...first 2 questions everyone asks: 1: How does it feel to be back? 2:How long are you staying?...answer to both: I don't know...the interview went good...best compliment I've had since being home: You look like you have no stress in your life...that kiss was good. too fucking good. it melted my heart but not my focus, continuing on...I can't wait to go to DC...I'm not stressed about funds maybe the way I should be, oh well...I'm so certain in my path...I think you're bisexual...seeing Mom and sharing things from my students with her was cool...life feels good right now because it is on my own schedule...today will begin the writing/Nomad•ness headhunting...Long Island is going to be fun...I have lost more weight, cannot wait to go to the gym...i want my cholesterol down 20 points this year...I wonder if he's been tested...I've been away from writing, photography, and film for two weeks now. I felt that I needed to really be in the moment as I said goodbye to Japan, and hello to New York, not documenting it...Bronxnet was the Universe's reminder to keep focused...Zorro sleeping next to me will forever make me smile...Every time I look at my new tattoo, I smile uncontrollably. I love what it represents...Joe and Justin still rock...I have just appeared in NYC and already feel the need to disappear...pacing the use of this BBerry. These things are no joke...patting myself on the back for the design of my new business cards. cannot wait for their arrival...purple nails are not my favorite, changing to black or green tomorrow...i miss 6 hour sessions in Starbucks...my life is amazing...Kotoyo needs to come to New York...I need to go to Miami...I hope Megan continues to grow...I hope Kotoyo and Suguru get married...modify if needed, but don't you fucking dare delete...nani yumeh des ka? I know mine...Peru, Brazil, Argentina, Australia, Thailand, Japan, Turkey, Egypt, and Europe sound like a phenomenal way for me to spend my summer...let's go! You can vote for me EVERYDAY! HERE