The last month has been that of many us and downs in life. Celebrating my new casting with Jet Set Zero as well as dealing with the passing of a close friend. Today marks the one month mark of Rudi's passing. This month has gone by extremely fast.

On this one month mark, I am going to ask a favor of everyone...if you can spare even $1, please donate to the Joseph family to help pay for his funeral services, as well as his family. Rudi was the breadwinner in his family and supported so many relatives as such. His mother has been on disability for years and could use all the help she can get. In this name, Team Genius has been selling T-Shirts as well as awesome new "WWGD" (What Would Genius Do?) wristbands. Check out the merchandise at

In addition to the cause I'm helping spread for Rudi, I got a message from an online friend who recently had their 8-year old godchild pass of a rare form of cancer. She was a vibrant beautiful young woman and the family is asking for anything that can be donated. See details at Kel's website to make donations HERE.

I truly appreciate everyone's efforts, prayers, and help. Please spread the word. I promise the blogs over the next few weeks will be more upbeat. Be grateful for everything and everyone you have!

Peace and Love!