No this is not some sexual allusion.With this damn heat in NYC today, I wish I I sit here typing to you all while in nothing more than a towel, surronded by technology and apple juice.

Yesterday, in looking to fund this trip, I wound up doing some photo assisting. I've worked with Liz before, but it was a last minute email summons and I had no real info as to what I was walking into. All I knew was I had to meet her on Third Avenue, by 78th Street, in between Cohens Optical and Crumbs. Ok...

What I showed up to was a pre-opening promotional tasting of this new frozen dessert spot called Simply Peeled. My immediate reaction was "Ok, everyone and their mother has a frozen yogurt spot opening up, especially in this city. It's like the 'it' thing to do. What makes this place different?"

I soon found out, it's not frozen yogurt. It's what they call 'fruizo' which is pretty much soft served fruit. Stay with me on this...Imagine a puree of fruit, with some organic sugar cane, and it frozen to the consistency of soft serve ice cream.

Well it is AMAZING! And their venue comes complete with banana scratch n sniff walls, as well as banana tattoos. Word!

So if you're in NYC check it out! Their official launch is next Thursday, August 19th.

Simply Peeled Facebook Page

1371 Third Avenue (Bet 78th and 77th) NYC

I post it because I liked it!