This is one of those moments when Facebook rectifies itself for intruding so much into people's privacy. Jean-Michel Basquiat has a fan page that I came across. Being the self-proclaimed Basquiat historian and fanatic that I am (I have a wrist tattoo of a section of one of his paintings), naturally I clicked the 'Like' button.

On the page, unbeknownst to me, is the promo trailer for a film that, apparently, has been showing at the Film Forum in NYC. In bold white lettering, the top of the page states that these are the last two weeks of showings, it must end on August 24th!

No one said anything to me about this! Arrangements have already been made to go. This is crazy! I'm so excited!

This trailer for "The Radiant Child" is a snippet of the film, which has been doing well for itself, scoring awards at Sundance and SXSW.

Oh Jean-Michel! You and Rudi be good up there. My two Haitians.