With this opportunity, I represent something greater than myself...

Every once in awhile, I find myself on the Jet Set Zero website just perusing the episodes. Respectfully represented, amazingly shot, and true to life in terms of documentation. It becomes quite apparent to me, this opportunity is bigger than myself.

What you will see on camera is me. What is spoken clearly, yet left unsaid, is the fact that I will be repsenting those before and after me. Ancestors combined forces to eventually lead to this moment. Future generations will be able to look back on my travels, my videos, and understand that "Damn, Grandma (or Great-Grandma) was the shit!" I do think about that sometimes.

More immediately, I wonder about my representation on the show. I am, and will be Evita, but there is a revolution in the midst of what I'm trying to do here. As stated in the most recent Nomad•ness episode, I don't see Black people traveling. This is a goal of mine. I want to reach the youth and my generation alike, so they have someone they can identify with as their 'leader'.

It is officially time to broaden the minds...

I will be me, LIVE and UNCUT, but I will also be aware of my representing those before and those after me.