I just finished posting the blog below on a woman who exemplifies a fusion of classic and modern femininity. There is a poise, confidence, and sensuality that oozes from Jada- something women, especially of color, can appreciate and emulate.

Then there's Montana Fishburne. This bullshit. Tomorrow marks the day that she is allegedly releasing her new sex tape in an effort to "become famous like Kim Kardashian". After a post from a male friend on Facebook, I saw that clips from the tape have already been leaked. Though not much in the way of video footage, it's there. I viewed it.

I've officially seen more of Montana than I ever wanted to.

Her motive was clear, and it may be her Achilles heel. Let's, for one moment, say there is an ounce of merit in her goal of stardom. Let's, for one moment, entertain the notion that this sex tape will get her one step closer to the lime light. She made one (thousand) major fatal flaw...announcing it.

What is consistent in the 'stardom' of Kim and Paris is that there was an element of surprise in the release of their videos. A full on manhunt was set out to stop its distribution. There was their cookie jars videotaped with hands in it, literally and figuratively.

Yet, the element of viewing something 'bad' or the exposure of a 'secret' was the primary thrill for those watching it. That is the allure. Yes, there's also the reasons why people watch porn in the first place, but even that philosophy plays into the feeling of indulgence in something 'bad.'

Montana, my dear. You have imploded your career before even giving it a chance. You are beautiful, come from a well to do family, and possibly had way too many amenities garnished in your life. I wonder if education and self-respect were ever really one. I am not upset with your lust for stardom. We all have goals. But the route in which you regergitate this fascade of pride in, is disgusting. Your actions have now branded the minds of young ladies, of earlier ages, that this is a viable option. You have traded your brains for your vagina. You have traded your femininity for a money shot and the hopes of your own reality television show. I foresee a bright future for you in Playboy, Celebrity Rehab, and a psychiatrists office. I hope one day, this can come undone and you'll start a new. The internet is forever. Get from in front of the camera, and get inside of yourself. You define you. There's a difference between being famous and infamous, both of which are nearly impossible to undo, once done.

PS. I really didn't want to touch on this, but as a Black woman this really hurts my heart.