Rainy days in Chiang Mai are made for writing memoirs...

I’m calm. Truly calm, in this moment. No cast members. No cameras. Some of my counterparts, I believe, are still asleep. Let them rest. I was the first one up and the first one out today. It’s our first storm in Chiang Mai and I love it. Rainy days, regardless of the city I am in, always agree with me. They calm my senses, slow the bustle of even a New York state of mind, and allow me to just be.

Starbucks, for those of you who really know me already understand, is a genuine constant in my life. Much of NYC•Gaijin has been written within the walls of this establishment. Niigata, Tokyo, Bronx, Manhattan, and now Chiang Mai. Anticipating the rain, I found myself excited to walk in it, feel it, and write amongst it.

I’m still slowly etching out of the creative rut I was in after Rudi’s death, and I finally feel ready to get back into the groove. The distractions of New York are thousands of miles away. The idea of getting a job, in the generic sense, is more challenging by the day.  Yet, with whatever stresses I have to deal with in just surviving this place, I know writing will bring me calm and clarity. That’s why I disappear to do so.

Writing my memoir about living in Japan, and traveling to India, while currently residing in Chiang Mai, Thailand…who would’ve thunk it?