(Old School Evie. Fifty pounds heavier than present day. Crazy)

So, I got off the train at Paris-Nord Station and was invigorated by the hefty conversation I'd just had on art, Basquiat, Brooklyn and world travels with the three gentlemen I'd met on the train. One from LA, another from Holland, and the other from Canada. They represented many of my experiences I'd have over the years, traveling. It's the connection with strangers, on random trains, that make the experience all worth while. Once the train stopped we knew we'd never talk to each other ever again. We didn't go through the empty promises of wanting to exchange information and promise to keep in touch. We knew exactly what the purpose was for our meeting, and exactly where it was supposed to end. Here, on this platform in France. I knew I'd never forget them. I haven't.

When I arrived back at the apartment, Brittany had left a message for me. "Take the Purple line from Commerce to the Grand Boulevards stop. We'll be at ___ bar. We're watching the World Cup. You can't miss it. It's huge right when you get out of the station."

"Great!" After arriving back to Paris I wanted to chill, not attempt navigating a new Metro system at 8pm (excuse me 20:00) on my own. I was a good sport though and went anyway.

Expecting to have to search far and wide, I was not in store for what I walked into exiting Grand Boulevards.

It was a mass exodus of people unlike anything I'd ever seen before. People flooded the streets everyone, celebrating. Kegs were brought from inside the bar, to outside on the streets and it was a city wide celebration. Cars couldn't move because of people. I tried to imagine something like this in the States, let alone New York. The cops would have fired shots, arrests would have been made, an no happiness would have gone unshattered. Why are we like that here? We are so fucking tense.

Before my eyes, thousands of people flooded the streets.

I turned to Brittay and asked, "Wow, so did they win?"

She answered, "No they made it to the semi-finals."

"What!? Then what the hell happens if they win?"