I came across this video on fellow expat's page Cragazza . Being that I am in the last part of my book, around twenty pages away from finishing. I love the humor from the writing gods.

It's been a process y'all. I have learned so much, primarily that my adult ADD is a fact of nature and I've been going cold turkey on controlling it. I'm so used to short term projects and short term gratification. This is, by far, the longest project I have ever worked on in my life. It's also a first of its kind for me. I've been learning my process, as I indulge in it.

For over a year, I've been writing this travel memoir. I can't believe that. So much of my guts and soul are regergitated in its pages. It's my thank you to Japan and my ode to India. I cannot wait to share it with you all. Just remember, it's all a part of the package. So much to come this year.