I would really love to find out the photographer, and shake this person's hand. 'Rainbow Warriors' had this posted on Facebook, along with the following quote:

“Everything you see and perceive is a reflection of yourself” “He who experiences the Oneness of life sees his own-self in all beings, and all beings in his own-self… ~Buddha

The quote only drives the photo home for me. I sit here really looking at my inner growth. Even over the last few weeks, major changes have happened. Nomad•ness Travel Tribe has turned into a f&^king beast, the feature in Clutch Magazine was an amazing look, I've reoriented between three freelance gigs over three weeks, and even cut ties with someone who was tugging on the heart strings, before they popped. Behind the scenes has been interesting, and the theme that keeps popping up in my life right now is growth.

I see it in myself. I wonder if it's happening in others. It's a call to terms with who you really are, where you really intend on going.

October is my favorite month. Beautiful things happen to me in Octobers. I look forward to the complete switch over to autumn. The crispness of the new air, and the warmth that we all will only be able to find....on the inside.