Not to turn my blog into a momentary Lifetime Special...but...

I was in Poughkeepsie for Christmas (rare occurrence) and happened to be looking for checks to take back to the Bronx. Going through old packed up boxes and bags, when a blank check from Rudi falls out. When times were extremely rough, he handed me this check, told me to make it out for however much I needed, and to just call him before I cashed it. I never used it.

I have been blessed in the past to have some amazingly supportive men in my life. Rudi, is one of those men that I have to reflect on in my life, and the unique love that we shared as best friends, lovers, and even this existential relationhip we share now.

I pray to him. I ask him to watch over me, my travels, my business. I know my guardian angel is looking down on me for real. He's always on my mind, but I see he had to really make his presence known on Christmas... I got you Rudi. Can't stop. Won't stop.