Ever feel like all the juice has been sucked out of you?

This week put me on an emotional rollercoaster of epic proportions. My inspiration has been buried somewhere underneath working two mentally intensive and time consuming jobs, searching for one job that can condense the workload of the two, speed editing through the first draft of my book so I can send it to an agent, trying to find time in the day to get back to the Nomad•ness vigor, editing photos from shoots last week, and oh yea trying to sleep.

Simply put..I'm doing too much and my inspiration is suffering. Valentine's Day, which I have given a blip of thought, is fast approaching. I'm re-remembering that although I have a man, I need to remember to love me. Patience, rest, and compassion.A friend from high school put up a status on facebook recently about how people over emphasize the 'grind' (or at least the advertising of it). I agree. I also agree that sometimes, in order to keep on track with you, and balance, we all need to sit our asses down for a second and breathe. The quote I hate the most is "I'll sleep when I'm dead." Oh I find so many levels of delusion with this statement. This coming from the woman who practically turns into a machine once in the zone. Right now my brain is zoned out.

I need to do something this weekend that inspires me. MoMA?