Certain times call for creative measures. In facing things that I want to get in order, in my life, I found myself searching for a book I have read a number of times over the years 'The Secret'. I found myself in the money section. Even when you are aware of the Law of Attraction, it's worth it to take a moment and pull out the reinforcements, especially when moral needs a boost and positivity needs to flow.

Ever since I re-read everything I've been smiling without warning, reciting positive abundant filled mantras in my mind, adn paying what bills I have approaching or February with a sense of gratitude, minus the churning that is usually present in my stomach.

One of the things that 'The Secret' says to bring abundance into your life, monetarily is to play games that make you feel good about money. They noted something, that both I and my other half practice, of cutting yourself a check for whatever amount, in whatever time frame, and placing it somewhere ou see it everyday. When  you look at it, feel good about it. Start making plans of what you would do with it. Understand that it is there, waiting for you.

So I created my check about two weeks ago, but I am setting up to begin some serious feel good money games. The mantra has been working.

So hopefully this gives you all ideas on how to attract abundance in your life as well. Have fun with it!