I can't believe it, but as a proud mother/creater, my baby Nomad•ness turns one years old today. A year ago I was eagerly loading up Episode number ! from my itsy bitsy apartment in Niigata, Japan. A year ago I had no idea how far I'd take it, how long it'd last, or if anyone would even be interested in it.

Today Nomad•ness is on it's second season, fourteen episodes in. It's been through five countries with me. It's now shot in HD. It's sparked the curiosity of many, and is a number of steps closer television. I am so proud about it all. I give my word to continue to nurture it and help it grow into everything I dream of, and more. This year, the site, as well as the videos willbe taking on a new shape. I can't wait until it's ready for you all!

Nomad•ness, Happy Birthday my love!