I'm sitting here in awe as I watch the 8.9 earthquake, turned tsunami, and I am just full of emotion. As I turn between CNN and MSNBC, watching a wave completely eradicate the cars, bridges, fields, and lives of the country I boast as my second home. Japan.

To normal eyes, they see a literal wave of destruction. Understandably so. When I see this wave effortlessly destroy rice fields, I am brought back to images when I lived there of the diligence, patience, and precision that goes into the irrigation of their food.

When I see these roads destroyed, I see roads that made up my old neighborhood in Niigata.

When I see the coastline, I see Niigata's coastline. The same coastline that friends and I drank beer while watching the sunset on.

I see the people, the elderly that are such an avid part of their society.

My friends are ok, and accounted for for the most part. I just want them all to stay around high ground for the next 24 hours. 

Hawaii, all countries along the Pacific, Australia..all please get to higher ground.Get in touch and keep in touch.

Love and safety to you all.