The name of the game for this week has been priority.

What takes the upper hand over something else? My blogs have been a number of days in between each other  because the priority has been for me to get in touch with friends, and Japanese family. Friends have plane tickets on standby,  others are braving the circumstances in an effort to stick it out. There's an understanding I have with both sides of the spectrum. It bugs me out to think that this time last year I was still living there. Merely a year, and I would have been in a position to make life choices during this disaster.

What is shaping people's personal reactions? Priorities.

On a less horrific scale, I think about it in regards to our daily life. How do you approach your job, versus your career, versus your dreams? Which one of the three takes priority, and do you act accordingly? For the first time in my life, I have put my dreams number one over the last two years. I'd say, prior, my dream came in at number two, behind the career that I felt so obligated to achieve because that was what adults did.

Now, my dream is number one. So much so, I took a job dictated by what free time was more crucial to bringing my dream to life. When you start thinking and acting like that, there is a sense of relentless faith thrown out into the Universe. She sees that you mean business.

In relationships....where does it lie on your list of priorities? Is your partner number one? Five? Are they even on the list? Where you put your priority shows as clear as day. I guess the key is finding someone who puts you, where you put them. I could be wrong. But I feel like that is the fairest way to a mutual happiness.

Ask yourself, and share, what are your priorities?

Stay true to them, and ACT!