As I sit at a desk, preparing to get into some night work, my mother just knocked out, and Obama just finished his speech annoucing Osama Bin Laden's death...

I'm not celebrating. I'm not happy. I'm nervous and unsettled. I have a very distinct 'offness' in my gut and I'm worried about what's coming next.

Within 24 hours, it has now been announced that Osama Bin Laden is dead, and Quaddafi had at least a generation of his family killed. Not to mention the disarray of Syria. Pakistan. Lybia. Syria. Afghanistan. All interrelated at this point in the chaos going down, respectively.

My mind is circling with thoughts of: What if Quaddafi wants to join/run Al Quaida? What will be their retaliations, respectively.

My respect to the troops, and those who have lost loved ones on the groud, as well as on 9/11. I can only imagine the sense of closure,relief, and even accomplishment.

But in my heart of hearts...I have to admit, my real rejoice presently, is having every Obama shit talker swallow this wad. I smell a lot of new fear, emergency red meetings, and reorganization. I also smell a re-election. I'm just sayin'.