You all may remember me doing a few blasts on statuses about me having some meetings and a photo shoot within the FUBU/Coogi offices. Actually, I might not have said the clothing line just yet.

Well, me opening up my mouth at AT&T's 28 Days of History Makers with FUBU founder Daymond John, back in February, at the Apollo proved to be a good look. Not only did I tell the whole theater about my idea for the travel revolution, but I got the connect that got me in the office, and this blog approved my John himself. Shouts out to Trevor on that one!

Everyone in the office extended a hand and it was a very cool experience all around. More importantly, I fit into a size 7/8 jean short, which I don't ever recall happening to me in life. Hey I'm still a chick, with priorities, like fiting into small sizes.

Again, the staff was impeccable to work with. Great energy and welcoming vibe. Stanley, my photographer, you rock! David, Coogie Blog Head Honcho, thank you so much for listening to me ramble on about my travels, and being so forth right with helping this come through.

Now I'm gunning for a meeting in that office...yes investment talk Mr. Shark Tank.