1.  Some of the most aggressive, dirtiest, insanely physically fit men and women of your life are there.

2. In conjunction to number one ALL shapes and sizes are there and compete.

3. Bragging rights for life!

4. Because that early mid-life crisis is kicking in and you need personal validation.

5. Because you loved the show GUTS as a child!

6. Because crossing the finish line to a free beer, and a DJ playing Biggie is your way to finish a race!

7. Because everyone needs to be humbled in life!

8. Because the pain is worth the satisfaction!

9. Because of the group shower! Nothing sexier than seeing dirty chisled frames get clean under dripping water.

10. Because for some reason I saw something insanely sexual in what was pretty much a mud race!

5k, 3 miles, let's go! I'm in!

Congrats to the Blue York Team for completing the course! And shouts out to their Number 1 Spartan completing it in 1 hour and 17 minutes! I was so inspired yesterday! You all have no clue!

I'll be a tomboy forever kid!