It's the time of trying to obtain corporate sponsorships, in-kind donations, equipment, advice, and what have you. The fundraiser is complete. Monies are being allocated on the business end. Flights are within a week of being booked, and new designs are literally being emailed to me now, and throughout the day. It's moving on the back end and the front end, and it feels amazing.

With putting yourself, and your project out into the world, you'll probably end up hearing more "No"s than you will "Yes"s. It's the power in the Yes that makes them so crucial and so sweet! I'm approaching companies that can offer everything from hair care products (shout out to Hair Rules for being the first on board), to flip-flops, to skin care, makeup giants, airlines, to photography and video equipment companies. No stone will be left unturned because the truth is, even if we cannot get it secured for the pilot, their help is going to be needed for the duration of this show's growth.

So, how do you cope with the feedback? I become deaf to 'No'. You acknowledge it, but you don't register it. You let it roll off your shoulder and you keep going. I learned this trick in dealing with different road bocks within my alma mater, but that's another story. You find another way to make it a 'Yes'. I have also found that many times "No" actually means "Not now." Because as you know...when you get big enough, and success reigns in, most come back. My point...keep going!