It took a random meeting at splash! festival for me to run into the creators of Industry #1. Industry #1 is the dopest, not to mention the most efficient, website to look for international hip-hop all over the world. One of the things these guys do, is they travel to music festivals around the world to scope out who's hot, and garner up exclusive interviews with underground artists for the website.

It's an intermational hip-hop online oracle of sorts.

They got my respect from the fun times, sneaking back stage, and conversations we shared in germany, but after scouring their site...these dudes are on their shit, and Nomad•ness has a legit UK hip-hop connect. I cannot wait to continue to build with these dudes. They're as proper as their English accents. You'll even see their cameos in the Berlin pilot episode.

Andre, Shibe, and Leon comprise this website and they're on their 'A' game. I recommend any and all hip-hop heads out there to take a look. It's an encyclopedia for your world...look out for an interview they did with me as well. I'll let you guys know as soon as it's up.

Building with the United Kingdom. Can't stop. Won't stop.