It sounds like some space age film location.

Yes, I made it. I am so sorry I haven't posted, nor been on any social media. I am in the middle of no where, and just found the press room with the only WiFi available. I'm alive, well, and filming!

There is so much to cover, and of course I find this place like a half hour before they close. My bad...

So much to come and I haven't even hit Berlin yet. Still at the splash! music festival and it's been bananas!

What I will say is the following:

1. My dear friend Homeboy Sandman is the number 1 taked about performer, who is not performing here. Sandman, I am SO proud of you and have a greater scope of how big your movement is. You've been on flyers I've gotten, in conversations I've had, Foreign Beggars bigged you up on camera today, AND I saw that you're on the roster for the festival in Czech. Keep moving....

2. Foreign Beggars is my new favorite unknown hip-hop group. Point blank. period.

3. There's two things you should never do at a sex show and a comedy show. Sit in the front row, or volunteer for anything.

4. I am living in a tent. Yes.........a tent. A tent that capsized during a storm today.

5. I have an amazing surprise for you guys that started off with a security guard lifting me out of the crowd, over a barrier, into back stage access, and into the arms of Public Enemy. And because Flavor Flav fed me, I am forever indebted to him.

Sooooo much going on. I love you guys and can't wait to start sharing. IN FUCKING SANE!