Tonight was just all types of epic! Shouts to Tribe members Shaila and Dean MF for joining me on Gypsy's show, The Hangover Takeover.

It was a really really dope time in the studio. It's always love and thank you thank you Gypsy for embracing the Tribe as much as you do. It is noted and appreciated.

Check the video above to see the shenanigans.

and drumroll.....Panama Awards for those who missed them on the show:

Andrew: Young Grasshopper Award

Gyasi: The Storyteller Award

Gypsie: Shocker Award

Rasheed: Hide Behind the Hookah Award

Bayyina: Focused ADD Award

Tomika: Mogual Award

Claire: Vitamin C Award

Dean: The Body Award

Damon: Youth Award

Shaila: Cheetah Award

Tangee: Mom Award

Sheila: All Eyes On Me Award

Blue: Abuelo's Grandson Award

Tarmac Jerry: Tarzan Award

Alex: 'I'm not that guy' Award

Melanie: Bravery Award

Majida: Serenity (until Alex is drunk) Award

Love you all and thank you for making Panama what it was... stay tuned on Friday at 1pm for the State of The Tribe Address for the next trip!

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