"Romanticism has very little to do with things popularly thought of as "romantic," although love may occasionally be the subject of Romantic art. Rather, it is an international artistic and philosophical movement that redefined the fundamental ways in which people in Western cultures thought about themselves and about their world."

Rather unexpectedly, and abruptly, the romantic in me has resurfaced. She's laid dormant for quite some time, even through a relationship. It saddens me to reveal that I haven't felt the touch of romanticism in about 15 months. Inspiration, yes of course. But romanticsm, like that of a lover, no. In being completely honest, her absence has been the number one culprit of why I haven't been able to reopen my travel memoir, for a second edit. With so much business in the forefront, and life moving at the speed of light, it's a welcome shift that I, honestly, feel as though has made the other parts  well oiled for the entire machine. The machine of me.

Some feelings that surface when I'm in my romantic periods are sensitivity, creativity, and a need for expression. I haven't entered the world of Nomadnesstv.com for the purpose of writing creatively, or personally, in a long time. Longer than I like to admit, as this was my first place of mental refuge, outside of my journals. It's been a bit of an anomally, since the Tribe has taken over so much of my life. Battling between 'is it a business site, or still a place for my self-expression, as it was intended'.

How about it's whatever the f&*k I want it to be, like the rest of my life.

And in that breath, tonight, it's about my romantic side. To be clear, we aren't talking romantic as in sex, but romantic as in romanticism. Seducing the people through the effortless duty of being exactly who the hell you are, and being ok with that. Letting a guard down enough for the spectators to peek inside and sit there for a second, before the curtain closes again. Only a taste.

For someone, my fragility has recently been shown, and I'm thankful it's been met with an understanding heart and relating spirit. I cherish the moments I have with people who I feel comfortable being this shade of Evita, amongst. To be able to have someone cultivate who you are, for what you are, and have you leave everything else behind, even if for a short time, is something I truly (over years) forgot that I not only missed but ultimately need in my life. It's the ultimate balance. I remember its purpose. Thank you.

This romantic period has softened a certain side, and so much has come into my life, even just over the last two days. It feels freeing...really embracing the fact that both in my dreams, and in my reality...I can fly.