I've been pretty hush on this upcoming trip, outside of the Tribe. I think it's because this is a family oriented dash down to Jamaica for a few days, not a backpacking Evie adventure.

Barely sleeping the last two days just to tie up odd ends before I dip out, I'm exhausted. Crack of dawn will have me on one of the first flights down to the Caribbean. Truthfully, this is a trip finally manifested, that has been postponed twice now. I used to hit JA yearly as a child, to see my step father's parents. Old enough to know the dope things to do, yet too young to participate. Considering I was at the friend obsessed age, it...well, sucked.

Tainted, I admit, with all the international traveling I have done, it's crazy that I haven't been back to see the grandparents in Jamaica in about a decade, maybe more. In the last few months I've been told about their declining health, and part of me has no fucking clue what I'm about to walk into. None whatsoever. So less than 24 hours out...introspection. My goal for the next week is to create some smiles. Theirs and mine.